The Sunday Rundown

Health & Fitness

A new World Health Organisation report has found that teenage obesity is again on the rise with a quarter of teenagers in Europe eating sweets or chocolate every day. This article explores the implications of this epidemic.


Julian Assange has had his rape investigation dropped due to all options being exhausted according to one source. The whistleblowing WikiLeaks founder may however, still not be leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy where he took up residence 5 years ago.


The age-old dilemma of unbuttoned vs. buttoned. An interesting article which explores a sociologists view of why a lot of politicians are adopting this look.


In the sporting world, the last day of the Barclays Premier League is here. It’s still all to play for in terms of champions league qualification with Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal all going for 3rd and 4th place.


Tesla has been accused by their workforce of inhumane working conditions. There have been over 100 injuries at their factory in California since 2014 and things aren’t getting better according to numerous sources.

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