Why cold showers are your new best friend

I love cold showers and try to pluck up the courage to do them every day. Here are some of the best benefits of turning up the cold and how it can apply to you.

Builds serious willpower

Over the past few years of doing cold showers, I’ve found that my willpower has skyrocketed. Knowing you are capable of doing something that you perceived to be hard can have a carry-over effect into the real world. It gives you a real sense of control and can definitely increase your overall confidence.

Boosts testosterone

Cold showers have been shown to increase testosterone which is one of the most promising benefits for men looking to optimise their hormonal environments. This increase in test may be responsible for boosts in fertility and recovery that have been found recently.

Strengthens immunity

Taking a cold shower has been shown to boost immunity in those who consistently stick with it over time. This can be linked to the improved circulation that cold temperatures elicited by the showers can create.

Decreases stress

One interesting benefit that cold showers can give you is the reduction of stress. This may be down to the improvements in sleep that can also be observed from this. Reducing stress is one thing that you should be striving for constantly due to its links with many of the western world’s biggest problems such as heart attacks, heightened blood pressure and lowered libido.

Stimulates the lymphatic nervous system

Turning down the temperature of your showers has been shown to boost the lymphatic nervous system which I have written about in previous articles. Boosting the LNS has been shown to improve a myriad of health markers which is why you should definitely give it some thought.

A final word on cold showers

So there are the top benefits of cold showers and why they’re your new best friend. Give cold showers a try for the next week or so and see if you feel any of these. You may even feel some other benefits not listed. You never know until you try.