Spotlight: Filling Pieces Low Top Ghost

Today I present to you my latest purchase – the Filling Pieces Low Top Ghost. These trainers are a relatively new brand, founded in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert. They’re designed in Amsterdam, handmade in Portugal and use Italian materials – couldn’t really ask for much more could you? These particular trainers will set you back £175, but this initial outlay is a solid investment considering the quality of design you’re getting in return.

Enough of the boring details, let’s get into the juicy stuff…


Here’s a nice boring picture of the box to set the scene. It’s grey and says filling pieces on it – wonderful stuff. On a serious note, it adds to the high end feel and feels quality. This box won’t be getting binned any time soon.

No, Filling Pieces – Thank YOU

So, crack open the lovely box and you’re greeted with a serious whiff of that Italian nubuck. The devil is in the detail and the thank you note adds that extra little edge to the product as a whole. The entire process oozes quality and I’m not complaining one bit.

IMG_20170607_110949027 (2)

Filling Pieces’ mantra is “LET US CREATE”. Obviously letting them create is the best way to go as what they’ve created here is some serious designer wear. The nude colourway on these looks slick and the minimal design of the whole silhouette means you won’t be in anyone’s face but they’ll definitely notice these on your feet. These trainers are comfortable, well made and look amazing. At £175 they may be a tad pricey but I believe they’re worth every penny. They are the perfect fit for summer and I wouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing these popping up everywhere before long.

You can pick up your own pair of Filling Pieces over on their website at


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