Album of the month June ’17

The album

The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.


I chose this LP as we are now on the approach to summer and I feel like the mellow bass and piano components are a great way to get you in a good mood whilst reflecting on some interesting themes the album brings about. Namely, the advancement of technology beyond human comprehension and a theme a bit closer to home – a reflection on one’s upbringing.

Best song on the album 

I’d give the title of best song on the album to ‘Suburban War’. It’s steeped in nostalgia and creates a blurry summer night feel. It’s difficult to describe but you’ll understand if you try it.


Overall I’d give this album an 9/10. Definitely Arcade Fire’s best work to date and an essential listen no matter what the season.

Give it a listen and see what you think, maybe it’ll get you in the summer mood, maybe it won’t. You won’t know until you try.


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