Spotlight: Lanvin Cap-Toe Suede sneakers

Today’s purchase that I shall be reviewing is the Lanvin Cap-Toe Suede sneakers with patent leather detailing. Lanvin are a French fashion house with some serious designer pedigree. Since founding in 1899, the company has established a reputation for exquisite design and tailoring – being based in Paris you would expect nothing less. These trainers retail at £295 which is an expensive outlay initially but you pay a premium for the high-end nature of the fashion house and the unparalleled craftsmanship.

Enough of the history, lets have a look at some pictures and discuss the details:


These are a fantastic pair of trainers and although they have been worn a lot, still look in perfect condition bar a couple of cracks to the patent leather heel. The stitching around the soles is second to none and the quality of the design is clear as day.


The wear-in period for the Cap-Toe’s was roughly about a fortnight or so. This is very quick in my opinion as I’ve had shoes that have taken probably triple that (looking at you Dr. Martens loafers). This probably has something to do with the quality of the calfskin that has been used to craft the shoes with – it really does make the difference.


The Cap-Toes come in a variety of colourways which may be more suited to your style. One colour I’d like to try is the dark red, they’d be slightly difficult to style so beware but if you’re up to the task then give it a go. Overall, I’d say whilst these are an expensive item of footwear, they are definitely worth it in the long run. I’ve worn these at least 50 times already and I’ve only had them 5 months. If you break that down to cost per wear over the next few years then it works out at pennies per wear and you can’t really argue with that.

You can pick up your very own pair of Lanvins from their own website, Mr. Porter, or Flannels.




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