Classic clothing: What is it? And why you need more of it

When it comes to clothing – and fashion in general, trends seem to come and go on a weekly basis. What was the best thing since sliced bread one week becomes grotesque and the subject of ridicule the next.

There are however, some parts of fashion that haven’t changed since they were first introduced and have been around longer than most of us have been alive. We call these the classics – and with good reason.

What are the classics?

The classics are items of clothing or accessories that have never gone out of fashion, they’ve been around for decades and still look as good now as they did then. You’ll notice people from the past who had classic style because what they wore then is still in fashion today. Think classically dressed people like Marlon Brando, Paul Newman & Steve McQueen.

The Classics you need to invest in

Below are the main classic pieces you should spend your time and money on. If researched, purchased and cared for correctly, these pieces could last you decades. This will save you money in the long run as you won’t be forced to replace cheap, poorly made items every couple of months.

Let’s get into it;

White T-shirt

White tee
Sunspel – £65

Dress Shirt

Reiss – £80

Blue Jeans

Levi 511’s – £85

Smart shoes

Prada – £690

Knitted polo shirt

Isiah – £205

Luxury watch

Omega Seamaster – £5,000

Thick jumper

Maison Margiela – £360

Thin jumper

Canali – £265

Smart dark trousers

Prada – £420


Kingsman – £105

The classics you DON’T need to invest in

There are some classic items of clothing and accessories you should not invest as heavily in. This doesn’t mean that you should scrimp out on these items but they have a much shorter lifespan than the previously mentioned pieces and so the larger outlay is simply not necessary.


If you wear your belt every day and wear it on the same notch constantly it will become worn down relatively quickly. I’ve found that my belts have an average lifespan of about 18 to 24 months before they start to split where the notch is. For this reason you shouldn’t be spending much more than £35 on a good belt. I recommend any real leather one you like the design of. Asos have a great selection for very acceptable prices.

Boxers & Socks

I would advise you to change your boxers and socks every 6-12 months. Socks especially can become worn down very quickly with weekly use. I recommend buying 10 pairs of each for no more than £30 total. At the end of the day, no one’s really going to see these anyway. There’s no point throwing £100 on a few pairs of the latest Calvin Klein’s – go plain, simple & cheap and you can’t go far wrong.


This is one for the clumsier group of people much like myself. Let’s be honest, sunglasses are flimsy. They can be misplaced, snapped or sat on at any time very easily. For this reason I don’t recommend buying an expensive pair of sunglasses. Again, Asos have a fantastic selection of sunglasses in the £15-£20 price range.

A quick side note – obviously if you have the money spare and want to invest in the higher quality brands then go for it. I believe however that the money could be better invested in to more long-term pieces.

So there are some things to think about when it comes to your clothes. Take notice of how you dress and invest in your personal style. This is a long term pursuit and you should be constantly striving to improve year on year to the point where you feel completely at ease in any type of clothing you possess.


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