Does the perfect day exist? Here’s what a man’s ideal day would look like

This post is aimed at the majority of men who work 9-5, Mon-Fri. You can adjust it to fit your schedule if needs be. Now what exactly would a man’s perfect day look like?


Wake up

You should be waking up nice and early to get everything ready and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Morning routine

You should have a morning routine in place to get yourself ahead of the game and get your day off to the perfect start. Check out my morning routine for some ideas.



Once you’re ready to attack the day, get your creative juices flowing. Your mind is most at ease early in the day, use this time to write about what you love, I like to try and get one or two posts ready during this time.

Practice a hobby

If writing isn’t your thing then you can take this time to practice a hobby. That could be drawing, playing an instrument or whatever it is that you can practice in the hour or so before you set off for work. Just think how much extra time of practice this adds up to over the course of only one year – then think how much better you will become over the course of your lifetime.

Listen to some music

Whilst doing this you can throw on your favourite artist and relax before you head out. Studies have shown that listening to music can make you happier. Doing this before heading to work can therefore make you more productive and improve your overall mood during your mood-draining 9-5.

Get your stuff ready

Finally, before you head out, get your things ready in advance of heading out so you’re not rushing around. This will keep you calm and un-rushed as you embark on your commute.


Get to work

Arrive at work, get everything you need to ready for the day ahead (put your food in the fridge, fill up your water, etc). After this you’ll feel ready for the day ahead of you and be able to concentrate on delivering your performance goals.

Get a coffee 

This will help you during your fast (if you are fasting of course) and give you some energy to push on through your tasks until lunch. If you’re not a coffee drinker then go for some green tea, or some sparkling water. If you’re planning on working out during your lunch hour (which I wouldn’t recommend as the session would be slightly rushed) then you could also have a zero calorie monster energy for a pre-workout without sacrificing your fasted state.


Break the fast

Around 1pm you should be taking your lunch. Here you should aim to eat around a quarter of your daily calories. Make sure to include a bit of fruit to give you some natural energy going into the last part of the day. By keeping this meal to a quarter of your calorie intake for the day it gives you enough calories to satisfy your hunger but doesn’t bog you down too much straight out of the fast.

Do something

This could be many different things but personally, on my lunch breaks I like to go for a 10 minute walk to let the food settle. Then I’ll aim to read the main news stories for that day from at least 2 different sources – doing this allows you to get a balanced view of the topic and keeps you informed on what’s going on in the world so you don’t fall behind.


If you’ve got time spare, you can look up some research articles or blog posts on things you’re interested in or simply want to find an answer to. You can never have enough knowledge and having a healthy thirst for information is one of the best habits you can develop.


Finish work

You can go home and enjoy some you-time after a full day of working your arse off earning a living. Before heading off home though I suggest having a small pre-made snack to keep you away from that home time McDonald’s (which is one of the most common sights I notice around this time every day). I suggest a half serving of my Anabolic Trail Mix Recipe.


Medium sized meal

Once you’re home, before doing anything you should put all your bits from work away and get changed into more comfortable clothes. Once this is done you should be wolfing your pre-workout meal. Keep this meal small-ish, with around a fifth of your daily calories in so you are sufficiently fuelled for the workout but not too bogged down to perform optimally.

Write/Practice a hobby

As you wait for your meal to digest you should spend some time being productive. This could be in the form of writing or it could mean that you add another hour or so into your hobby practices. This will help keep you in a productive and motivated state prior to your workout.



Anything between 30 and 60 minutes is a good timescale for a workout. Keep it intense by lifting heavy weights with as much intensity as you can muster. I recommend this workout if you’re looking for the best results in the quickest time. Clean yourself up once you’re finished and head home safe in the knowledge you’re on your way to success.



Following your workout you should eat – big. Eat the remainder of your calories for the day in this meal. This will fill you up for the rest of the night and help you sleep. After a workout your body’s uptake of nutrients is increased and so it makes perfect sense for you to take in all these calories at this point – meaning more are to be used for muscle repair.


This is now your well earned relaxation time. Spend this half hour reading some of your favourite blogs or watching some YouTube videos. By doing this you are consuming some entertainment but you’re also getting some informative content in the process, meaning no time is wasted.



Around an hour or so before you head off to bed you should unplug yourself from all of your technology. This means putting your phone out of sight on charge, closing your laptops and tablets down and putting them away and switching off your TV.

The blue light from these electronic devices can mimic natural sunlight and cause your body sleep problems as it believes it’s daytime. Make sure to put all the devices away from your bed as well. Electronics can also disturb sleep by keeping your unconscious switched on throughout the night which can lead to a myriad of sleeping issues.


Drink this tea for the best nights sleep of your life. This recipe has been shown to get you ready for bed in no time and improve your sleep quality to the extent you will even notice it the morning after. Give this a go if you want to wake up feeling rejuvenated every morning.

Get a routine 

Having a night time ritual allows you to clear your mind of everything before bed and gives you the perfect night’s sleep. Once your body gets used to this routine before bed it will start using these activities as triggers to release sleep hormones like melatonin, which will help your sleep progressively get better and better. Here’s my personal night time routine you can use as a template.

So that’s what your ideal day would look like. Of course there are always commitments that will get in the way like family, friends, occasions, work etc but if you can, try and stick to this 80% of the time. This will see you make some great progress in terms of your productivity,  body composition, sleep quality and motivation along with a whole host of other great benefits that I’m sure you will discover for yourself.



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