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Why coconut oil is a man’s best friend

Coconut oil is the Swiss army knife for the modern man health and wellbeing. You could probably replace every single thing you own with coconut oil and you’d have a better product on your hands. Maybe not everything…but I’m about to talk you through all the uses for coconut oil that can hugely benefit us men in particular.


Using coconut oil instead of your usual 1-cal sprays or vegetable oil nonsense has been shown to increase your testosterone due to its high levels of saturated fat. Coconut oil is one of the best fruit-based sources of this essential nutrient for perfecting your body’s big-T production.


This is for the vainer gents out there. Whilst it’s probably not advisable to put coconut oil on before you head into the sun (unless you want to sizzle like the little pale sausage you are), applying coconut oil to your skin post-sun exposure can help your skin tan and turn brown – not the usual bright red.

Hair wax

This is one I discovered by accident a couple of years ago and haven’t used a conventional hair product since. Add a fingertip full of coconut oil to slightly wet hair and comb into the style you go for. Once that’s dried you’ll have a solid hold for about two days if you don’t wash it out. This will save you money on constantly buying hair wax as a tub of coconut oil will last you for months and costs about £3.


This is another slightly unconventional use for coconut oil but an extremely useful one. I apply my stick deodorant and then use a thin layer of oil over the top. This is extremely effective as coconut oil has been shown to posses antibacterial properties and is excellent at neutralising underarm smells – perfect if you want to avoid smelling of 3 week old onions.

Shaving cream & Moisturiser

This one is quite novel and may not be the best for those with extremely sensitive skin. However, I have had great success when using coconut oil as my shaving cream AND as my post-shave moisturiser. It allowed me to get a great smooth shave and didn’t irritate my skin noticeably more than a conventional cream. This saved me lots of money and kept my skin in top condition.

So there you have it. Using coconut oil as a replacement for your conventional items can save you mounds of money and can help you to shun all the chemicals we are now seeing in grooming and cooking products, which helps you to optimise key hormones in your body such as testosterone, DHT and SHGB.

Give your normal products a rest for 2 weeks and sub in coconut oil. I guarantee you’ll feel great and not miss your old stuff at all.



4 thoughts on “Why coconut oil is a man’s best friend”

  1. Great article man! Got a couple more benefits for you.

    Another benefit is that Coconut oil can also be mixed with baking soda for an all natural toothpaste. Fluoride free.


      1. Looks good man, and not a bad price. I just made myself up a batch of toothpaste last night and then read your article after haha. The coconut oil/baking soda does wonders. I’m going to experiment with adding a little sea salt into the mix and maybe some peppermint oil or even some sort of cinnamon for flavor and freshness.


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