Elephant Box are bringing water to refills to every street corner

Today I bring to you one of my favourite brands from the past couple of years. Elephant box are a relatively new company from Dorset, England who make sustainable alternatives to plastic food and drink storage. I have amassed a good few of their products recently because what they’re doing is nothing like anything on the market at the minute.

Elephant box

The folks over at elephant box have been working on bringing a new water bottle to the market with a really interesting difference.

They have teamed up with refill to bring easily accessible water bottle refills to everyone by placing refill stations on every street they can. It’s a great cause and one close to my heart as their primary aim is to reduce the amount of plastics we use on a day to day basis.

10p from every elephant box bottle sale goes towards their pursuit. If you want to learn more about refill’s campaign then go and check out their website here.

Overhead shot of packaging

There is no plastic to be seen in their packaging which is great to see, we are seeing a lot of companies being held accountable for using needless amounts of plastic in their packaging which has led to a worldwide push to reduce this – great to see elephant box are bang on trend.

Picture of bottle with plant in background

My attempt at an artsy backdrop (excluding the radiator)

The design of the bottle is fantastic, its minimal features are in keeping with the latest trend of people de-cluttering their belongings and I’m not complaining – this is much better than drinking out of a 3-week old coke bottle.

The biggest benefit to using a stainless steel water bottle is the amount of waste that it saves. Most of the time, people use a plastic water bottle once then throw it away, contributing towards the 300 million tonnes of plastic waste we now throw away every year.

By doing something as small as reusing your steel bottle instead of buying and binning a plastic one, you helping reduce these numbers and going some way towards saving our planet.

Man holding bottle

A joyous picture of some handsome gent modelling the bottle

One final benefit of using a plastic-free bottle is that you will not be coming into direct contact with any BPAs whilst you drink. This is fantastic for flushing out the oestrogen in your body and increasing your testosterone. If you need any proof just look at my legs in the picture above. They were completely hairless before I started drinking out of stainless steel bottles, promise.

So all in all, not only does using a stainless steel bottle and shunning the conventional plastic garbage make you look slightly cooler, it is actually healthy for you and the planet. Not to mention, proceeds from Elephant Box’s efforts are also helping a great cause. As they say – choose to reuse and be part of the solution.

If you want to buy yourself a bottle then head over here and pick one up for £16.99.