The ultimate guide to Autumn holiday prep

With Autumn starting in little over a week, we’re all going to have to rethink our daily wardrobe options. For those going on holiday, this realisation is even more important as we all know how limited space becomes when packing your suitcase.

For this reason, I’ll be taking you through the top 10 essentials for your holiday with some tips thrown in for good measure. I’m going to assume you’re going away for a weekend break of 3 days and 2 nights.

After each point, I’m going to give you a few options in case I inspire you that much you simply can’t help but impulse buy some stuff.

Without further ado, let’s crack on.


Don’t overdo the jacket. You won’t need to break out the Canada Goose just yet. I’ve been using my Reiss cardigan for two Autumns now and it’s been fantastic.

Cardigans go with pretty much anything as well – I’d wager that if you wore a cardigan with a pair of bum shorts and a bra you’d still look like a well put together modern gentleman. What I’m saying is you can’t go wrong with the classic cardie but I’ve thrown a couple of other recommendations in case the Grandad look isn’t for you.

White t-shirt

Oh, thy humble white t-shirt, why art thou such a classic garment?

Your white t-shirt can be brought straight in from the summer wardrobe and thrown right back in to the autumn one. Wear this under your jacket for the casual look to end all casual looks. If you really want, you could even wear this to bed if it’s cold. A few hairs on your chest should suffice though.

Dark shirt

Any sort of dark shirt is a good start. You can wear this on its own one day and if the weather permits, you can wear it unbuttoned as an outer layer with the white t-shirt underneath the next. Loads of options and it’ll keep you that bit warmer than a tee if needs be.

You can go tucked or untucked as well depending on how smart you’re feeling that day. Who knew the shirt was such a versatile piece? Of yeah, everyone.


A pair of boots is all you’ll need over the weekend. They can be dressed up at night when you’re sampling local delights and dressed down in the day as you clock up the steps gallivanting round your destination of choice.

If you’re expecting a dry weekend then opt for some suede desert boots. If you’re expecting wet ‘n’ wild then go for a sturdy pair of leather (or non-leather, like my vegan phase Doc Martens) boots.

And a bonus tip – you’re obviously going to be walking a lot so grab yourself a pair of insoles and save your feet a lot of unnecessary hassle.


Another versatile one here. Get a jumper that’s not too thick and not too thin which will cover you if it’s cold and if it’s only slightly cold. If the weather decides to get extremely cold then throw your shirt under the jumper and whack the jacket on over that.

If you’ve got layers you’ve got options – Sam Crawford, 2017


This is a majorly basic one but it’s something you shouldn’t take lightly. Take a third of your cash out with you each day along with your driving license and your bank card.

Having your ID means you can leave your passport safely back in the room and having your card means that if you run out of money you’re covered (just watch those overseas charges).

Two polo shirts

I bloody love polo shirts. They’re smart when you want them to be smart and casual when you want them to be casual. I know I sound like a stereotypical jeans n sheux dad when I talk about dressing things up and down but it really is true.

You can pair them with literally anything and you’ll be safe, which means taking them on holiday is a space efficient way of packing as you can wear them both in the day and the night.


Wear your blue jeans every day from the start to the finish of your holiday. You’re not going to need shorts (and don’t you dare wear joggers) so that only really leaves one option doesn’t it?

An item of clothing that gets this much attention in songs has to be a good bet. Don’t tell Sisqo that though…


If you’re like me – which you probably are, then you’ll like a bit of itinerary to your weekend break. If this is the case then why aren’t you wearing a watch?

Wear your timepiece at all times so you can arrive in good time to anything you may have booked or something you want to get done in time. Losing track of time is one of the biggest killers of holiday vibes there is.

Dress shirt

You’re going out for a fancy meal? Dress shirt. You’re going out for a few drinks in the night? Dress shirt. Your girlfriend’s just told you she’s leaving you because of your obsession with dressing in shirts? Dress shirt.

The little bits…


You’re not gonna be going anywhere fast without this. Make sure you keep it safe on the way there and on the way back. You’re crippled travel-wise if you lose your passport. You’ve been warned.


Great for long journeys if you’re on your own. Also, great if your other half is A) Chewing your ear off or B) Asleep on your shoulder. Keep an in-ear pair with you if you’re looking to save space.

If you want to bring your over-ear headphones but want to save space, just wear them round your neck when you board the plane instead of putting them away and you’ll be fine.

Phone charger

This should go without saying but I’m saying it anyway. Being stuck in a foreign city with no charge is asking for trouble. Stay green.

Three pairs of boxers and socks

Nobody wants stinky balls or stinky toes. Take three pairs of each on top of the ones you’re travelling in and you’ll avoid the stench. If you’re particularly worried then bring a few more – underwear doesn’t particularly bulk your bag out too much.

City guide

I used to work in tourist information and the amount of people who came in asking what to do over the weekend boggled my brain. How on Earth can you come on holiday and not know what you want to do?

Don’t be that guy.

Be prepared and have a guide book with you that contains a map of the area. Extra tourist points if you walk everywhere with the map completely open all day.


What you don’t need…

Hat & Gloves

Cold head? Grow your hair. Cold hands? Put them in your pockets.

Flip flops

It’s not summer anymore fella. Put the slides in storage.


As long as you’re not staying at a 5 rupee per night hostel, chances are your hotel is going to have complimentary toiletries.

If I was you I’d still bring a toothbrush and siphon a little bit of coconut oil into a small jar to use in your hair just as I don’t think these items are usually on offer.

No need for a hairbrush either, just use your hands. Saved yourself a tonne of space there and you’re no worse off, are you? ARE YOU?!


If you’re a sane, able man – which I assume you are, then you should not be wearing pyjamas. I’d go as far as to say pyjamas are catabolic. Sleep naked and stay #jacked. Also save yourself space AND extra washing. #Minimal.

Quick packing tip…

This is probably now common knowledge but I didn’t know about rolling clothes until about a year ago. Basically, roll your clothes up and it’ll stop them creasing whilst also saving you space. Ground-breaking.

There’s your ultimate guide to holiday prep. Spread the word.


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