Beard oils: Are they worth it? Using Thatchface beard oil for the first time

Beard oils: Are they worth it? Using Thatchface beard oil for the first time

After being followed on Twitter by a company called Thatchface, I was intrigued to see what they did so took a little look at their profile.

I found that they did natural beard oils and gave 10% of their profits to men’s cancer charities. I was actually thinking of investing in a couple of jars myself to try out and see if all-natural ingredients could do the trick on my beard when out of the blue I got a message from the guys.

They were kind enough to send me a few jars of their quirky named ‘Full Minty’, ‘Got Wood’ & ‘Wild Zest’ fragrances to test out.


The wild zest version was a definite favourite

Who are they?

Who better to tell you that than Thatchface themselves?

“ThatchFace was founded in early 2017 by Ben & Leanne Cleaver from their kitchen at home one evening.  They began to experiment with different oils and scents to create the current range of ThatchFace beard oils. Using only high quality ingredients, and focusing on a single-minded mantra of subtle scents and lightweight oils, they aim to provide better beard care suitable for all thatched faces.

In 2009 Ben was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent surgery to remove the original tumour, followed by chemotherapy to cure the remaining cancer that had spread to his groin. He has a simple aim with ThatchFace: to give back to men’s cancer charities by donating 10% of profits from each beard oil to help other men in their own personal battles with this disease.

Ben’s passion for all things beard, paired with his desire to help support men that one day could also suffer from cancer as he did is the driving force behind ThatchFace and the products which we create.”

Right – onto the oils then…

Full Minty 

I actually gave this one to a friend to get a completely unbiased second opinion. He got back telling me firstly, how great and fresh it smelled but how much smoother and neat his beard felt.

That’s an endorsement if ever I heard one.

Full minty

Wild Zest

This is my favourite one of their range. I used this one morning and night for the last week of the testing period and absolutely loved it. My beard grew much thicker than usual – obviously this is just anecdotal but I definitely noticed a difference.

I’d grown my beard for about two and a half weeks in the picture below…


Look at the wild, zesty passion in them eyes

Got Wood

This was the most natural smelling of the oils and definitely had a lingering, distinctive smell. When applying this before bed I would get constant whiffs of it as I was dozing off, which was a strangely soothing experience.

Can’t fault this one at all. I wish I could find a negative about any of them but I really can’t.

Got wood


Thatchface have got a great product here with an even better cause. Its all-natural ingredients are fantastic for you, your beard and your skin. Not only that, but the product is raising awareness of cancer and money for cancer charities.

Great job guys.

If you want to buy some Thatchface beard oil and help a start-up reach their goals, then click here and use the code ‘MBP10’ for 10% off.



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