How to get the perfect shave courtesy of Cornerstone

How to get the perfect shave courtesy of Cornerstone

Having been a Cornerstone customer for over a year now I was extremely excited when they decided to get in touch and send me over one of their subscription boxes. Not only did this mean I got to try out their full range of shaving scrubs, creams and gels – I was able to upgrade from my old razor to their newly designed (and far superior) one.


Out with the old, in with the new

The Products

Cornerstone are a relatively new company, starting in 2015. However I believe they have become the best in British shaving in that time. Having raised over £1 million in crowdfunding, they have put that money to good use and created something that was ahead of its time and is still at the top of the grooming game.

On opening my box, I was greeted with an absolute plethora of goodies. In a full Cornerstone subscription box you are given a razor handle, razor blades, a razor cover, pre-shave face scrub, shaving gel and a post-shave cream. These can be customised as they offer a few more options to sub in if you want to switch it up.

They also offer you a few little added extras in the pack which I’ll leave for you to find when you buy your own (obviously). While they’re not exactly life changing, it’s cool to have a little read through *hint*.


The Shave

Finally, the actual shave. After buzzing down the beard with some clippers, applying the pre-shave scrub and shaving gel, I got to work making myself look 21 again (not 43 with kids and a mortgage).

Compared to the disposable garbage I used to use, this is on another planet but even compared to the previous blades and razor from Cornerstone, the guys have upped their game again. After finishing my grooming #sesh, the post shave gel proceeded to blow my socks off. Mint & ginger is potentially the most heavenly smell I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling & it soothed me more than a Barry White serenade.




Great shave, great products, great price. Can’t argue with that. They’re also very active across social media, posting loads of great content so I’d give them a follow here, here & here.

If you want to buy a cornerstone subscription box then visit their store here.



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