The law of attraction – How your mindset can help you achieve your wildest dreams

The law of attraction – How your mindset can help you achieve your wildest dreams

The law of attraction – no doubt you’ve heard of it and I can wager you’ve probably seen celebrities talking about it and how they’ve used to it to propel themselves to superstardom.

Who are these celebrities?

Conor Mcgregor

Arnold Shwarzenegger

Will Smith

Kanye West

LMFAO and Lady Gaga also swear by it but I couldn’t care less about them so they’ve been left out. If you’re into the sweet mellow beats of LMFAO or Lady Gaga then by all means take a look at them talking about it here & here.

What is it?

The law of attraction is our innate ability to attract our desires from the mind into reality. It is believed to be a legitimate law of the Universe regardless of your background, race, whatever. If you focus on what you want hard enough and apply all your effort into visualising everything about it then you can achieve it.

The mind is our most powerful tool when it comes to success and is perfectly summed up by Napoleon Hill who said:

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.”

Basically, it’s all about mindset. If your outlook on life at the beginning of every day is that of sadness and worry your entire life will be governed by these thoughts and you’ll spin your wheels in the rat race every day until you die.

If you wake up every day with a determined outlook on life, visualising yourself at your end goal, wherever that may be – you are far more likely to work positively towards this each and every day and your dreams will manifest themselves in one way or another eventually.

How can I use it?

The key is consistency and devotion to your dream. You can’t just imagine having a Ferrari one day then a playboy bunny wife the next and think these things are actually going to happen. What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to earn? If you think about these sorts of things every day and actively pursue them with relentless obsession then guess what? One day these goals will cease to be just that – they will become your reality.

I want to be a successful men’s lifestyle expert. I don’t just think about that once a week and write a couple of articles a month. I focus all of my energy into reading and writing every day about all aspects of my niche while improving social media and google presence.

They key is to have clear goals of where exactly you want to be and put actionable steps in place to help you achieve them. Consistency and dedication will be your two favourite buzzwords once you start your journey with the law of attraction.

Takeaway points

Here are the three main points we can take away from the law of attraction:

  • Visualise exactly where you want to be and focus on everything about that vision.
  • Create actionable steps and pursue them relentlessly every single day.
  • Every time you feel like you’re not going anywhere take a moment to visualise your goals again and remember why you’re doing what you are.

An entire book has been written on the law of attraction which will give you a much deeper understanding on the entire process. If you’re interested in learning more then you can buy it here.




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