The six types of shoe every man should own by 21

The six types of shoe every man should own by 21

Shoes are everywhere nowadays. Every next advertisement is for a pair of bloody shoes. But who cares – shoes are great. I’m here today to show you the five shoes you should own by the time you’re 21.

These shoes will see you through any situation you may come up against in life. No matter what the occasion, you will be prepared. You’re not a scruffy little laddy now, take pride in what adorns your tootsies.

Black Oxfords

Can’t really get any more staple than this. The Oxford still hasn’t gone out of fashion since it was brought to the masses. Get as expensive as you can afford and they’ll last you for years to come.

The better the quality, the longer it will last and the sharper you’ll look. Invest wisely. They go with just about any colour suit or smart trouser you could think of as well – just to add a bit more to their arsenal.



From left to right: Prada, Burberry & Bally.

Brown/Oxblood Brogues

Much the same as the Oxfords, brogues basically go with anything worth going with. If there’s a colour suit that doesn’t go with black shoes, it’ll go with oxblood or brown ones. This means no matter what colour suit you opt to go with, you’ll always be covered.

At a push you could probably wear your brogues with jeans if needed, although you always run the risk of jeans ‘n’ sheux and we don’t want that travesty to grace your outfit do we?



From left to right: Church’s, Paul Parkman & Herring Gladstone II.

Dark sneakers

Every man needs a decent pair of sneakers/trainers/whatever you call them. I opted for the Lanvins but there are hundreds of options out there to choose from. Make sure you’re buying a decent pair as chances are, you’ll be wearing these a lot so you don’t want to skimp out here.

Also, don’t buy walking shoes thinking that these are a good pair of trainers.

Just don’t.




From left to right: Yeezy, Valentino & Lanvin.

Light sneakers

Very much in the same vein as above. You’re gonna be wearing white sneakers/trainers/whatever quite a lot. These will be getting a lot of action in the summer months as well so not only are they going to be paired with trousers, you’ll be donning these with your shorts (should you choose to unleash your hairy pins on the world).

This means that you’re probably going to have to spend a little more time, effort and money getting these right. My personal favourites are the Valentino’s, but like I said above, there’s hundreds of options out there so take your time and get it right.



From left to right: Jimmy Choo, Buscemi & Valentino.


These are going to be your AW staple. If you’re going into Autumn without a decent set of boots then you’re as thick as you look. There’s so many options to choose from: Lace-ups, Chelsea boots, Desert boots, Chukka boots…the list is virtually endless. Get a dark pair and a light pair if you’ve got the money.

I went for a big pair of Dr. Martens Chelsea boots – and a pair of light desert boots for the days it’s not as wet n wild outside. Make sure at least one of the pairs you get is waterproof and you’ll be right as rain (pun).



From left to right: Alexander Mcqueen, George Brown & Tod’s.

Gym shoes

This list wouldn’t be complete without the trusty gym shoe. These are going to be taking a battering over the years but you’re going to be wearing them at least 3 times a week (I would hope) so it’s important to get these right.

To be honest, most gym shoes are extremely comfortable regardless but you want to make comfort your primary concern anyway. Only then should you consider how it actually looks.

I went with the Nikes because for me they’re the comfiest but you might differ. Try some different options out, see what you would like to wear for 3 days a week over the next few years and then make your choice.



From left to right: NikeUnder Armour & Adidas.


So they’re the six shoes you need to own by the time you’re 21. If you heavily invest in quality these should all last you ’til you’re 30 at least, make sure you’re buying the good stuff and you’ll save yourself money in the long run.



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