Productivity tips that will triple your output in minutes

Productivity is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. We all want to be more efficient with our time when it comes to work output. How good would it be if we could half the time it took to write that essay, draft that report or read that book?

Well look no further, because these productivity tricks will help you triple your productivity in no time…

Productivity starts with no phone

phones on a table

Literally the most important thing you will ever do for your productivity.

Put your phone away for one hour and I guarantee your productivity will shoot through the roof. Doing this stops you from looking at distractions like facebook, emails, whatsapp, snapchat etc and lets you focus solely on the task at hand.

If you simply can’t cope without your phone for more than 5 minutes then at least turn it on silent and look at it every 20 minutes so you’re not constantly bombarded with buzzing and notifications. This way you can get more work done but still maintain that oh-so important social media presence.

Set a schedule

Don’t just make a huge to-do list consisting of 50 unrelated tasks you need to get done, because you simply won’t get them done. What I suggest is a method called ‘time-blocking‘.

Basically, time-blocking means getting all of your to-do list and ordering it into certain time periods where you will get it done. This way, instead of attacking your list un-methodically and burning out, you will have set time-frames to guide you and give you a deadline to work towards.

Not only does this give you rigid guides so you know exactly what to do and when, it motivates you to try and beat these times, giving you more longer to rest between blocks.

Get up EARLY

Alarm clock for productivity

No one ever accomplished anything great rolling out of bed at 12pm, making a piece of toast and watching Jeremy Kyle for 4 hours straight. Late rising breeds mediocrity, make sure you get up at 9am latest every single day and make every minute count.

This means waking up, going through your morning ritual and starting work on whatever goals you have set yourself that day/week/month. There’s a reason so many successful people say the key to their success was waking up early every day – do it.


To be productive you need to realise what is conducive to your goals and what isn’t. If you’ve got an important deadline coming up in the next week or so, which is more important – Working proactively towards your deadline, using all the hours God sends…Or playing your Xbox for 7 hours every day sat in your boxers eating chocolate.

Learn how to prioritise effectively and you’ll see your output grow exponentially. Sometimes you will have to make important sacrifices – I found it so hard to do any work when I had my Xbox I had to sell it (I actually did this three times because I kept buying it back but I’m video game-sober now…mostly).

This way I got work done and passed all my exams. Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and decide where you want your life to go.

Don’t multitask

Multitasking leads to burnout. Trying to juggle your emails, writing, reading and whatever else is just a recipe for disaster. Make sure you set one task and concentrate all your efforts into getting that completed instead of half-trying to complete all sorts of other things. It’s far better to do one task at 100% effort than 2 at 50%.



Set a little bit of time every couple of hours in order to have a 15 minute walk, watch a couple of Youtube videos or reply to any messages you have on your phone.

Setting this time aside throughout the day allows you to unwind and stops you burning out earlier than you otherwise would. I find that using procrastination can let me work for far longer than if I tried to simply work through with no breaks.


Often overlooked, but keeping yourself hydrated not only keeps your muscle strong and body healthy – it keeps your mind as sharp as possible. Your brain consumes a lot of calories and a lot of fluid in order to stay at peak performance. Think of water as your brain’s fuel – if it’s not getting that fuel you’re not getting that performance.

There you have it.

Get out there and enjoy all the time you’ll save with all this new productivity power.