Album of the month November ’17

The Album

Thickfreakness by The Black Keys


This album has been a personal favourite since I came across the black keys when I was in my teens. At first, it was their commercial stuff like lonely boy and howlin’ for you that got me interested, but after a while it became clear that their older songs were far superior.

I decided to go and listen to their first couple of albums and Thickfreakness just ticked all the boxes. Lots of long instrumentals and proper rock ‘n’ roll really put this album on the map and that’s what made me love it so much. It’s 15 years old next year (at the time of writing) and hasn’t aged a day since it came out. A fantastic album.

Best song on the album

The best song on the album, which probably comes as no surprise – is the title track. Riffs aplenty make this song fun and exciting and you’ll find yourself listening to this one in particular on repeat.


I’d give the album as a whole a 9/10. It’s a classic and deserves as many listens as you can give it.

Give it a listen below.


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