Blue Coffee Box review: Is this caffeinated subscription service up to the hype?

Blue coffee Box was founded by Harvey Butt and set out with the intention to change the way we treat coffee in our homes. With two thirds of the coffee we drink at home being instant, it is apparent that we are not getting the best experience we can when we decide to forgo the local Starbucks.

In foreign countries it is common practice to have beans or filter coffee when at home, which is something that is sorely lacking here in the UK. With this in mind, Harvey and Blue Coffee Box has aimed to change this for good.

DSC_0642 (2)

‘Blue’ stands for the company’s values; Best of the best, Luxury, Unique & Ethical. They offer this in abundance, with some of the finest ethically sourced coffee in the UK. In a month’s subscription, you are delivered three bags of their finest selection that month, with some information on the coffee and the story behind it.

DSC_0649 (2)

Having tested the three flavours over the past week or so I’ve really enjoyed the quality of Blue Coffee Box’s offerings. It made a big change to the usual instant coffee that I tend to guzzle so I’ll definitely be coming back for a bit more of the good stuff.

DSC_0650 (2)

You can sign up for your subscription here.

Use the discount code SC518 at the checkout to get £5 off your first order.


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