4 Top Places to visit when quad-biking through Santorini

This post is brought to you by Ryan and Rachel aka, The Opposite Travellers – a couple who love to travel the world. They both have different tastes – Ryan opting for more rough and ready adventures, whilst Rachel is partial to the more luxury getaways. The result of this is one of the most interesting travel blogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

Take it away guys.


For years, our friends have been telling us about the beauty and magic of Santorini. We’ve heard countless stories of surprise engagements and romantic getaways to this small island in the Aegean sea, just south east of mainland Greece. After seeing many Facebook posts featuring whitewashed buildings on cliff sides surrounded by blue sea, we decided Santorini was next on our travel list. The Facebook pictures were not misleading – this place is stunning and has views of long stretches of blue water everywhere you look.

Lighthouse Drone

If you read our blog you’d know that the two of us have very different tastes when it comes to travel, one of us loves to travel in luxury and style and the other loves adventure, so we compromise when it comes to the trips we take and the different activities we do when travelling.

One of Ryan’s picks during our Santorini stay was a quad biking trip around the island, which was the perfect way to get around to see all of the sights – the taxis are expensive and there isn’t much in the way of public transport. It costs around €35 per day to rent a quad bike for 2, with added extras for insurance and service charges which could take the price to €43, depending on where you rent from. Here’s our top 4 tips for spots to visit when quad-biking in Santorini.




Our first stop on the Quad Bike was Pyrgos, a beautiful village perched on an impressive hillside. We parked at the bottom of the hill and walked up through small streets towards a pretty little church, where we lit a candle. At the top of a hill we found ruins from an old Venetian castle, and had a fresh lemonade at a small art gallery cafe. This quaint village is a must see, and a great place to get away from the crowds of Fira and Oia.

Vlichada Beach


We loved this beach. We were visiting at the end of October so it was very quiet, with no beach chairs or places to buy food but it was perfect for us. Here you will find a wide stretch of soft black sand, and beautiful views out to sea. We laid on the sand and soaked up some rays for a couple of hours, and took pictures of the very interesting golden rock formations that make this beach so unique.

Akrotiri Lighthouse



It’s worth a visit to this spot, simply for the view from the lighthouse which was built in 1892 during the Ottoman rule. It is located at the southwestern edge of the island, and is a fantastic view point. As you can see from our shots, we were surrounded by blue all around us, and we sat on the rocks for a while soaking up the spectacular landscape.

Red Beach



This is probably the most famous beach on Santorini. It’s surrounded by red and black volcanic rock which creates a unique scene, but the beach is small. It’s not a place to spend the day but it’s worth visiting for a different taste of the island. We walked down the red rocks to the beach, which was crowded but interesting, simply because of the colours of the sand and the cliffs behind you.

If you’re visiting Santorini you should definitely spend the day on a quad bike visiting some of these beautiful spots, just be safe and wear your helmets! For more info on things to do in Santorini visit www.theoppositetravellers.com/blog.

So there’s your guide to Santorini from the Opposite Travellers, what better way to explore the island than on quadbikes! Make sure you follow the guys on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.


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