Men’s haircuts that are going to be huge in 2018

Everyone always wants to know what the latest trends are, especially when it comes to haircuts. While I tend to go with the same haircut year on year, a lot of people tend to vary constantly – this article is for you, variers.

Buzz cut fade

Buzzed hair is fully back in. We’re seeing celebrities like Zayn Malik, Tom Hardy and a whole host of footballers adopting this one. If you ever want to spot a trend before it blows up you can always count on bloody footballers.

Swept back 

Another one that’s starting to gain popularity with them pesky footballers, the swept back behind the ears is making a come back. A staple of 90’s business folk and also my favoured Be a Pro hair style, this one is going to make a massive impression in 2018.

Classic skin fade

This is my haircut of choice and will probably never go out of fashion considering it hasn’t for the past 70 years. Clean cut sides, faded up to a mini-mop of parted hair at the top. Can’t go wrong.

Modified Caesar

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Caesar. It’s simple to maintain and looks sharp but it has always been one of those haircuts I think I’d regret getting. Now we are seeing lots of different variants of the Caesar which have made it much less risky to try and get it right. Make sure you go to a decent barber and you’ll have no issues with this one.

Dreadlock man bun

Not really one for us white blokes but the dreadlock man bun is going to be a big one this year. The Weeknd has been donning this do since he climbed out of his mother but it’s been getting some air time from big names like Jason Derulo which is probably some indication that it looks half-decent…This will be a big one.

Obviously we’re not in 2018 just yet but I can guarantee you’ll be seeing a lot more of these five once January rears its ugly head.

You’ve got a month to get ahead of the crowd, get down to the barbers.


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