A gentlemen’s open letter to Santa Claus: 11 of the best Christmas Gifts for him

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good boy this year. I started to change my underpants once per day, not once per month. I also learned how to make food that isn’t cold beans straight out of the tin.

For this I think I deserve lots of really cool stuff to play with for the whole of Christmas day – stuff like novelty glasses, gold plated tweezers with a flashlight on and a jumbo remote control car that fires nerf bullets.

Yours faithfully,

The Majority of Men, 2017

Luckily, you’re a Man Blueprint reader (probably) so I’d like to think you’ve evolved from bean-tin vagabond to culinary maestro. Therefore I’m going to assume your tastes are a bit less gizmo-y and a bit more focused on quality products that are going to enhance your life.

Below are my picks for this year’s best Christmas presents for the modern gent. Enjoy.

Cast Iron skillet

Literally the only cooking appliance you’ll ever need. This wonderful piece of kit can do anything you could possibly think of. It’ll even babysit your kids if you ask it nicely enough.

A good cast iron skillet will last multiple life times and makes you look like a badass no matter what you’re doing with it. You could be shoving it up your backside and you’d still look cool.

My pick: Field Company Lightweight Cast iron Skillet


Personalised compass

If you’re into the great outdoors then what better present than a personalised compass? There’s probably a lot of better presents but still – the personalised element means that you can keep this as a memento for years to come. You can actually use it when you’re out hiking too…

My Pick: Brass compass (Find Me a Gift)



There is nothing in this world cooler than a big ol’ globe. A decorative globe could make even Paris Hilton look classy. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials but if I had to recommend one that will have longevity, I’d go for a wooden desk globe. Free standing ones tend to get in the way.

My Pick: Benzara Wooden Globe


Shaving Set

Every man has some degree of hair on his face. Having a shaving set therefore, is born out of necessity. However, this isn’t to say it has to be a chore – making your morning shave enjoyable can lay the foundation for an excellent day, making you feel like the bees knees, the dogs do-das, etc, etc.

Don’t opt for a disposable Gillette, go for high-end sustainable luxury – such as Cornerstone. If you want to go the whole hog, order a year’s subscription from them and get that Christmas present feeling every month. Sorted.

I like to use Cornerstone razors and have been a loyal customer of these guys for the past two years – you can see a full review of their service here.

My Pick: Cornerstone


Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees take years of care and attention in order to grow to their full potential. Caring for and nurturing a Bonsai tree is a practice that builds discipline, willpower and attention to detail. These traits are transferable to every aspect of life – they also look cool too.

My Pick: Bonsai Tree grow kit

Bonsai kit

Wireless speaker

Having a wireless speaker is a great addition to any home. You can pick up portable speakers nowadays that can be thrown in your bag and taken anywhere – meaning you’re never short of tunes wherever you may be.

My Pick: Beats Pill



A watch is a timeless (pun) investment. Chances are, a good watch will outlive you. Having a decent bit of kit adorning your wrist not only makes you feel like the classy gent you are, but it can be passed down throughout the generations, making it something of great value that can be turned into something extremely sentimental.

My Pick: Shinola Runwell



Having morphed from your Grandad’s lawn mowing footwear of choice, the humble slider has made a big impact in the men’s style scene. I wear mine instead of slippers to let my feet breathe but you can also wear them outside during summer if you dare.

My Pick: Sliders by Gucci


Whiskey – Complete with whiskey stones

I bloody love whiskey. There are so many fantastic Whiskeys out there nowadays but my favourite is Fireball – there is absolutely nothing like this on the market at the moment, this will blow your head off.

I have actually previously reviewed some of Fireball’s stuff on the blog out of sheer love for the stuff, which you can have a gander at if you need any more convincing that this is the only beverage you’ll be needing this Christmas.

Top that off with some whiskey stones and you’re all set for the most gentleman-ly beverage ever.

My Pick: Fireball Whisky & Whiskey Stones





Drones are the most Marmite contraption to come out of the past few years. They can be used to capture some amazing footage which can be impossible to obtain with just a normal camera. Just don’t use it to snap nudes of your sunbathing next door neighbour.

My Pick: Yuneec Typhoon


Record Player

Record players have come back in in a big way. With good reason – they’re undeniably cool. Having a record player means you have to start a collection of vinyls, a lifelong endeavour which makes you appreciate albums so much more than having a quick scroll on Spotify.

My Pick: AKAI BT500


Self improvement book

The whole ethos of The Man Blueprint revolves around the improvement of oneself, so no list of this nature could be complete without a healthy serving of self-improvement literature. Getting stuck into a great self-improvement book will have you chomping at the success-shaped bit come the new year.

My Pick: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

Tools of titans.jpg

If you’re gonna do Christmas right then you best get buying as many of these bad boys as you possibly can. Or if you’re really manly, all’s you really need is an axe and the great outdoors. That’s no fun though is it…


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