Album of the month December ’17

The Album

Feast by Fizzy Blood


Fizzy Blood are a relatively new band, having released this – their first album in 2015. They made a huge impact however and with good reason – it is a rip-roaring, aggressive, rollercoaster of an EP.

It’s only 6 songs long but each and every one of them is a pulsating joy to listen to. I wouldn’t be surprised if these fellas become one of the UK’s biggest rock bands in the very near future.

Best song on the album

The best song has to be their most popular – January Sun. It’s aggressive and high tempo but it’s still listenable and you’re not lost in the loudness like you can be with heavier offerings from other bands in the industry.


I’d give the album as a whole a 8/10. It’s a bit of a short one but it makes up for it with the quality of each song.

Give it a listen below.


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