The case for joggers: How the layabout’s staple has infiltrated mainstream fashion

The case for joggers: How the layabout’s staple has infiltrated mainstream fashion

I’ll be honest with you – I used to hate joggers. Up until recently I’ve always thought of them as scruffy and so didn’t really bother with them when I was going out of the house. But recently I’ve started seeing more and more people wearing them out and about, integrating joggers into a fashionable outfit.

This got me thinking about how the jogger has managed to shake its image as a scruffy, lazy staple and has taken over its own little space of the fashion world, where people are merging comfort and style seamlessly.

What are joggers? A brief history

I’m sure you’ll all be aware of what joggers are but I’ll give you a bit of trivia anyway – just in case it comes up in your next pub quiz. Joggers were introduced to the world in 1920 by the founder of the now synonymous-with-smackheads brand Le Coq Sportif as a way for athletes to run and move more comfortably.

Over the years they have become more and more advanced, well-tailored and more acceptable outside of the gym. It is now commonplace to see joggers getting a run out (pun) to restaurants, social events and even in fashion shows. The humble jogger has managed to jog its way into our culture and has infiltrated the fashion world in a big way over the past few years especially.

Joggers 2

How did they infiltrate the fashion industry?

Back in 2014, joggers started to take on a much more slimline look. It was around that time that they also started to appear on catwalks across the globe. The jogger had replaced the skinny jeans and leggings in fashion shows and people seemed to love it.

During 2014, Matches had almost doubled their purchasing of joggers and from then on, they’ve gone viral. No longer is it just your Grandad wearing his baggy joggers around the house because he can’t fit in his slacks – you can find yourself a tailored-fitting pair of bottoms that could be paired with a denim jacket and derby shoes. It seems strange saying this but the fashion world has spoken and this is the new norm.

Joggers 3

The upwards trajectory of joggers in the fashion industry is showing no signs of slowing down, so get investing in a pair. Make sure you take time to pick the right pair as the chances are you’ll be wearing these to the gym, around the house and to anywhere else that requires wearing a pair of trousers.

Here’s 3 of my top picks:





From left to right: Balmain, Neil Barrett & Versace

That’s your joggers history lesson done for the day. Your homework is to go and get yourself a decent pair of joggers. Actually going jogging in them is optional.

If you’d like to see some more casual looks, I’ve found a handy infographic from Terraces Menswear that showcases the effect that casual culture (arguably, what brought joggers to the mainstream market) has had on fashion over the years.

Fashion Football History.png



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