Turn your commute into the most productive part of your day

We’ve all been there – the morning commute. Then followed with a back-breaking 9-5. THEN followed with the evening commute. Repeat this 5 days a week for the rest of your godforsaken life and you can see why the majority of people turn into cement-faced zombies by the time they’re 30.

I’m about to unleash a whole flurry of productivity on you in order to prevent zombification. You’ve got no excuse here either – there’s something for everyone; Trains, planes, automobiles (even cyclists) – I’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you turn your commute into the most productive part of your day.

The morning commute king: Podcasts / Audiobooks

man listening to podcast on morning commute

Podcasts and audiobooks are two of the most popular pastimes nowadays. We are cash rich and time poor, so why sit down to read a book when you could have someone (with a lovely soothing voice) read to you whilst you crack on with another task?

Listening to podcasts and audiobooks on your way to work can relax you before the hectic day ahead and give you insight into the minds of experts in various fields. Tim Ferris runs an excellent podcast where he interviews lots of experts and celebrities – it’s funny and engaging, which is probably why it’s so popular.

You could also listen to audiobooks such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad or The Art of War to expand your mind during those soul-wrenching journeys to and from work.

Stand up

man standing on train platform

You’re off to sit down all day, ruining your posture and your health in the process. Why would you want to sit down some more on your way to sitting down? Standing up on your way to work can give you roughly an hour’s extra physical exercise (assuming your commute is a half hour) per day. Now obviously I know you can’t do this in your car, but if you take public transport, give standing a chance.

Standing has so many benefits that people are completely unaware of, due to the fact it’s such a medial activity. Standing for just one fourth of your day can reduce your risk of obesity by 32%, improve your posture, increase your lung capacity and reduce your risk of diabetes.

There are so may more benefits to standing that you simply can’t be missing out on. Aim to stand for at least 3 hours of each day and then try to work your way up to 6 or 7 hours. This can have a profound effect on your health and may be the key to reversing some of the ailments you suffer from that you may have thought were just part and parcel of life.

Emails / Writing

person writing on laptop

Early in the day is when your creative juices are fully flowing. This is before your head is filled with a million tasks and your boss’s voice is ringing in your ears.

The morning calm can let your mind be free and if you are in any way required to write for your job, then this is the time to get your best work done. I tend to write my best articles early in the morning as I have no stressors or distractions at this time.

Obviously if you don’t need to write, you can get all of your emails in check before you even get to work, freeing up your morning to do whatever you please. This can skyrocket your productivity in work as you won’t have to keep checking in with your emails to see which daft idiot has dared to disturb your coffee break.

Now you have no excuse to sit and zone out on the way to and from the rat race. No more getting stressed about that fat smelly gentleman taking up half your seat on the train. You can put your mind to work and get your day off to a flyer.