Why Australia is a traveller’s paradise

“You have never been to Australia?” If you have to hear that one more time, right? For many people, young and old, Aus is a rite of passage. Indeed, the locals joke that there are more British travellers than there are Australians! But, you have yet to go and you are wondering if it’s the correct move. Come on – if you wanted to go on holiday with the English, you would stay at home. Plus, the country can’t be as amazing as everyone says. The truth is that the state from down under is fantastic, tourist traps and all.

Here is just a handful of the reasons why.

They Drive On The Left

As a Brit, it’s uncommon to find many countries which drive on the same side of the road. It’s almost as if the Empire never happened! Australia, being one of the strongholds of the Commonwealth, is a different kettle of fish. Now, driving on the left-hand side of the road may seem like a small comfort, but it makes all the difference in a massive country. Once outside of NSW and Victoria, there is a lot of driving to do on foreign, roads and small comforts are huge bonuses according to http://www.columbusdirect.com.

Tourism And Life In One

Travellers know that there are countries that don’t give a damn about tourism and those that do. Thailand is a prime example of the latter, while India recognises the former. Aus has a bit of both. With major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, life rattles by at a fast pace. Still, there is the Outback and places like Surfer’s Paradise which cater to Poms and other visitors. This makes the country special because you can pick and mix between culture and partying. Want to take in the sights? Great, then head down to the harbour and take a few snaps of the Opera House. Afterwards, you can head up to Kings Cross for a night on the tiles, traveller-style.


Countries take their sports seriously, but it’s a way of life for Aussies. And, you can’t visit without taking in an event or two. AFL, or Aussie Rules Football, is a sight to behold even if you have no idea what’s going on. You won’t either, yet it’s full of energy and enjoyable nonetheless. At this time of year, The Ashes are flowing and the party atmosphere will be amazing considering they have retained the urn. Tickets may be scarce, but https://www.theticketmerchant.com.au is the place to try if you are serious. Time permitting, NRL is a huge deal too.

They Speak English

Not to sound like an ignorant Brit, but speaking the lingo does make life easier. Sure, part of the experience is communicating with locals and brushing up on your Spanish or French. Still, sometimes, when the brain is rough, it’s almost impossible to speak in English let alone another language. In Australia, give or take a few slang phrases, English is the common denominator.

So, does Australia sound like a country you would like to explore?

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