Science backed ways to blitz your holiday hangover

Christmas is always at a time to let your hair down; literally and figuratively. I’m not gonna blame you for pushing your discipline to the side for a few days while you gorge on the everything in sight. Who can resist a good ol’ roast turkey, roast potatoes and roast just about everything else.

You’ll see the damage to your physique in the following days, but it just wouldn’t be the end of the year without a little indulgence. Fear not, oh loyal reader, for things don’t have to stay this way. Losing the extra few pounds gives you an immediate goal to aim for in the new year. It goes without saying that working out is more than just performing physical movements – the real war will be in your mind. Just sticking to a routine is going to be the first hurdle that will challenge you. You don’t have to jump in all guns blazing though; it’s slow and steady that wins the race when it comes to your fitness journey.

Below are some tips you can easily implement to help you shift that holiday hangover and get fighting fit to begin the year.

Introduce acid to your diet

Mustard Sememá Lemon Healthy Food Vegetable Salad

Not that type – you party animal. Post-Christmas the mood may have shifted back into the routine of getting back into the 9-5, but the weather will actually get even harsher. Winter doesn’t really fully kick in until early February. This leaves you plenty of time to utilise the chill to your advantage.

Losing accumulated fat is all about timing and consistency. As the cold is just getting into its stride, your body will be using up your yellow and white fat stores to regulate your body temperature to safe and or optimum levels. As this is happening in the background, you should introduce lemon, lime and vinegar into your diet. These acidic dressings can be put on your salads to improve the taste of the greens.

The real effect you’re after isn’t necessarily from the healthy salad but the consumption of the acid-rich liquids. They’ll help to boost your digestive system and speed up the breaking down of food and force fat to break down quicker.

On yer bike


As we all know – the start of a new year is probably the best time to get physically active. Not many people will be venturing out casually – only doing so to go to work or do a bit of shopping. Certain routes in cities, towns, villages and country roads will be completely empty. As the snow and ice die down, grab your bike and go out for a reasonably long ride.

The cold will force your body to pump fresh hot blood to your extremities and burn calories just trying to keep your temperature from falling. Also, the only other more powerful exercise for losing weight is swimming, so take this childhood hobby seriously (Maybe leave the leotard at home though…). The largest muscles in your body are being forced into action, and thus the fat around your entire body is the first to be used as fuel.

Be careful during this time of year as idiotic drivers are too common. I know a good few cyclists tend to buy insurance as the number of seemingly infinite accident-prone drivers flock to the streets to go back to work after Christmas. Looking at the cycling accident claims, there are a number of reasons why this kind of insurance is rising is relevancy. With a decent insurance deal you have a professional legal team to back up your case, along with a chance to repair your bike or get a replacement. With this peace of mind, you can go out and begin your journey safe in the knowledge that you may look like a bit of a prat, but at least you’re covered.

Save the treats


There’s nothing like the feeling of sipping on a good warm cup of coffee on a winter’s morning. We all love a good bit of comfort food, but sometimes we don’t take the right steps toward making these comforts healthy. Don’t have sugar in your coffee, say no to that slice of cake (80% of the time anyway), and leave the binge drinking back in your uni days. All of these easy temptations are the exact opposite of what you should be consuming if you want to lose the right type of Christmas weight.

You put that fat on, and now it’s time to take it off. You will need to be consistent and disciplined throughout your journey as the body has a tendency to slow down your metabolism when consuming less of the junk foods it’s used to. This is why including acidic dressings to your salads will give you that extra kick your digestive system needs. Ride safe and make an effort to go out on empty pathways to push your body and melt away the stubborn holiday weight.



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