How to make time for yourself when you work full time

Lucy Nixon is a UK based blogger who runs theadoptedscouser.co.uk. She blogs about all things Liverpool amongst all other manner of topics covering books, travel, food and drink. She also happens to be my better half and will be guiding you through today’s article on making time for yourself even when you work full time.

For most of us, working full time means we’re out of the house for a solid 8-10 hours a day. Although if you’re lucky you may well love your job and at the end of the day it pays those pesky bills and funds an ever growing clothing addiction, sometimes most of the time, there are a million and one other things we would rather be doing.

From keeping your social life ticking over and not missing out on the Netflix show everyone is talking about to exercising, keeping your home clean and tidy and in my case, running a blog, there isn’t too much time left purely for little ol’ me.

Lately however I’ve realised the importance of having ‘me time’ every once in a while and here’s how I squeeze it into my post work evenings…

Pick your time and stick to it

You don’t have to dedicate an entire evening or day to this although in an ideal world we’d all have a couple of evenings a week where we put ourselves first. Whether you decide on half an hour, an hour or the full night decide in advance when you’re gunna ‘switch off’ and stick to it.

Getting into a routine will make it easier to keep it up.

Write it in your diary so it feels like an official event and if plans come your way work them around your ‘me time.’

Choose one thing that’s purely for you

It can be easy to think that going to a class with your friend, meeting your Mum for a coffee or watching a film with your other half counts as ‘me time’ but I’ll be frank, it doesn’t.

Just because it’s a pastime you enjoy doesn’t mean it should overtake making some time for yourself. Pick something that you’ll dedicate purely for yourself, maybe a new TV series or a gym class and ensure you enjoy it solo with no interruptions.

Find a hobby that you enjoy

Finding a hobby that you enjoy is the perfect way to get some much needed time just for you. This year for Christmas, Santa left me a jigsaw puzzle under the tree (wild, I know) but it’s the perfect way for me to pass a couple of evenings.

Luckily for me I happen to enjoy running my blog which means I can dedicate an hour or two to that and feel productive at the same time.

Switch your phone off

In 2018 the thought of switching our phones off leaves most of us coming out in a cold sweat. Sometimes though the only way to properly switch off and limit distractions is to press the off button.

A lot of people like to do this for an hour or so before bed, which can not only aid your sleep and well being but offers the perfect opportunity to pick up that book you’ve had your eye on instead of aimlessly scrolling Instagram.

Make the most of your commute

OK so the likelihood is that you don’t spend your commute alone and if you do then it probably means you’re driving but trying to make the most of the time you’re sat on the bus or train is essential.

Instead of firing up your laptop and doing work which could, let’s be honest, wait until you’re in the office why not do one of those things that ‘you just don’t have time for’ like listening to a podcast, reading the newspaper or even putting on your favourite album.

Following these tips should mean you have some time in your diary purely dedicated to yourself which will lead to a considerably calmer mind which will be a perk not just for you but for whoever it is that normally faces your nagging….

So there’s your guide to making time for yourself! Don’t forget to visit Lucy’s blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.