Huel: Is powdered food the answer to our nutrition problem?

Before Huel, I had always been into nutritional innovation and was always on the look out for ways to make healthy eating more accessible and ways to improve quality of life solely through what we put in our mouths.

It was during this research when I stumbled across Huel. Nutritionally complete powdered food. Basically, you can live on powder. This piqued my interest – would I become a spaceman whose only food consumption was via pills? Would I turn into an alien? Would I make any gains?

These are all important questions.

Who are Huel?

Huel products

Huel was started in 2012, when Julian Hearn was trying to keep up a gruelling diet and exercise regime. After putting his family and friends on the program, it became evident that there was thing people were lacking – time.

Noting this, Julian created a nutritionally complete powdered food that can save time and money for anyone and everyone. 12 million sales later we now have the success story that is Huel.

I got to test out some of Huel’s newest offerings to see if they lived up to the hype…

The Products

Huel started off their range with the standard powder, but have now branched out to many different nutritionally complete culinary delights. I tried each of them out and would say I’m in a semi-decent position to give an unbiased opinion on each.

Powder & Flavour Sachets

Packet of huel powder

The powder that Huel offer is their golden child. This is what introduced them to the market and what caught the public eye.

They offer loads of different flavours such as toffee and Rhubarb & Custard as well which can keep the drinks a little bit less boring – considering some people live on these things.

One thing that Huel do warn against is the adaptation period. This period is usually the first week or so when you transition over to using their powdered drinks. You will usually experience bloating, stomach aches and potentially – a very smelly arse.

huel flavour boost box

I experienced some major cramping in the stomach so gave up on the powder unfortunately. I’ve seen people say that once they get past the initial adjustment period they feel great but it was just too much of a stretch for me.

If your stomach is weak, I’d advise to steer clear of this. If your stomach isn’t so weak, give it a go – it would probably make life a lot easier if you’re always on the go. I’m a bit gutted I felt such adverse side-effects because I would have loved a good crack at this one.


The protein bars were definitely the pick of the bunch.

huel protein bar

These were easily stomached and actually tasted decent, better than a lot of other protein bars I’ve sampled in the past. The fact that they’ve got so many nutrients in is a huge bonus too.


I’m not going to lie, this didn’t taste great on its own.

Maybe with some fruit or a flavoured protein powder this might be decent but I couldn’t really get with this one. I’m too fussy when it comes to granola so this probably didn’t help but this recipe definitely needs a tweak.

huel granola in bowl

Shaker & Tee

Just your standard accompanying merch.

They were both very A E S T H E T I C though so top marks. Will be wearing and shaking these two respectively for a long time after this review is out in the world.


The concept is great so if you’ve got the patience to ride the flatulence wave then give this a go. If you haven’t (or your stomach is very sensitive) then I’d probably steer clear.

Their protein bars are fantastic though – and being nutritionally complete, I would wager they blow all other offerings out the water.

The future is here – sort of.