Minimalist morning grooming routine for busy guys

The morning grooming routine. It is the foundation of any great day. The best routines take little time and effort but have big rewards.

A time based grooming routine

Time is a luxury. A luxury that most of us are very short on. Sometimes, you just need a routine that’s gonna save you some of that precious luxury every morning and make you feel like the dog’s bollocks on a regular basis.

That’s where this grooming routine comes up trumps. I’ve picked 3 things you can implement each and every morning to make you feel energised whilst saving you a whole load of time.


Having a shave in the morning can make you feel like a fresh-faced sexy beast. Starting the day off with these feels coursing through your veins is a sure-fire way to build bulletproof confidence every single day. I use a men’s trimmer each morning to trim down my stubble and shape the neck and cheek line. This helps to stop me looking like Shadrach Dingle and gives me a confidence boost.

Cold Shower

As you will probably know, I could wax lyrical about the benefits of cold showers all day. But for your sake, I’ll keep it simple – cold showers build confidence, mental grit, high testosterone and just about anything else associated with becoming a better version of yourself. If you’d like to read more about my love affair with cold showers, give this a read.


When you’re fresh out the shower, your body is more susceptible to moisturisation (not a word but you know what I mean) so give your body the care it craves and work a little bit of the good stuff into your nooks and crannies.

There’s loads of great offerings but I usually just go with plain old coconut oil. You can read more about how bloody great coconut oil is here.

To finish, do your standard duties – brush your teeth, comb your hair, get dressed and get out of your bloody house. This whole routine should take about 25 minutes and it’ll be the wisest investment of time you will make all day – apart from those two hours spent binge watching friends on Netflix when you get home.