Best Of British: Discussing Thomas and George

Welcome to the second instalment of the Best of British Series. This time around, the spotlight is on Thomas and George – a Luxury British watch brand hailing from the best city in the world – Liverpool.

Thomas and George

As stated above, these fellas are based in Liverpool, so maybe this article is going to be written with some slightly rose tinted spectacles. I’ll try not to though, promise.

They specialise in creating affordable luxury watches for the modern aspirational gent, which I’d say is bloody fair enough.

thomas and george watch box

They’ve seen enough success with their products to branch out into other areas such as bags & sunglasses, which look very promising.

What did I go for?

I opted for the Thomas and George Ottawa 43 model. This comes with a sturdy brown leather strap and smart gold detailing throughout. I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to watches and love a bit of shiny gold so this is a big tick from me. The leather strap tones it down nicely & stops me going over the top à la Bobby George

thomas and george watch

What I liked

The leather strap is a welcome change from my old watch’s metal strap which I found a bit uncomfortable. This has moulded to the shape of my dainty little lady wrists very well which can’t be said for many other watches out there.

watch strap details

Excuse my arm pubes

I’m also very much into the minimal nature of the overall design. There seems to be a big push nowadays for the maddest, brashest watches that the human mind can possibly conceive.

Watches are coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes now and I’m 100% sure that soon, someone is going to put shotguns or a jetpack on a watch and people will lap it up.

Anyway, I digress. The design of Thomas and George’s watches is back to basics, my Ottawa tells the time, the date and has a timer on. No need for any frills because it looks the dog’s bollocks and does its job. And really, that’s all that matters.

What I disliked

The only thing I disliked about Thomas and George was that the packaging. Although it was smart, it wasn’t very expansive. Not that this is a bad thing, but I would have liked a little booklet telling me about the watch, it’s design, the story behind it etc.


I also wouldn’t have minded a little instructional booklet because I have no idea how to work the timer on the watch. Luckily, I just about know how to set the right time but someone who may not have know could have difficulty setting the both the time & date.


Thomas and George are a great company, they seem like sound fellas and their watches do bits. Can’t say any fairer than that can you? With prices starting at about £40 you can’t go wrong.

watch close-up

You can keep up to date with Thomas and George on their Website, Twitter & Instagram.