How I plan on supercharging my testosterone in just 30 days

This is potentially the most excited I’ve ever been to write up an article. It’s pretty sad but one of my biggest passions is testosterone. It’s the chemical building block of a man and the fact that we can manipulate this though our diet, supplementation and lifestyle is something that just struck a chord with me.

I’ve always wanted to conduct my own ‘experiment’ to see how far I could push the limits of natural test and now I have that chance. Enter, the first instalment of my 30 day testosterone experiment.

Testosterone & Why it’s important

Testosterone is the key hormone that biologically – makes a man a man. Of course there are many different faucets that we could discuss about what truly makes a man a man (being a man mentally but not physically, etc) but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Testosterone is what gives us men our energy and drive. Whilst I don’t really subscribe to the ‘ALPHA MALE’ school of thought, a lot of traits associated with the alpha are of the utmost importance in life. Having high testosterone allows us to be happier, achieve mental clarity, pursue ambitions and lead others who need direction.

From a biological standpoint, testosterone helps to improve circulation, increase sex drive, improve facial structure (believe it or not), increase muscle mass and get rid of the dreaded bitch tits.

My relationship with testosterone

I first discovered my love for all things T in my first year of Uni. At this point I had been weight training for a few years but never really gave the hormonal side of things any thought.

After investigating the worrying decline of testosterone levels in the modern man, I found that I was actually doing a lot of the things that led to out-of-whack hormonal levels such as terrible sleep, drinking unholy amounts of booze and suffering from severe stress and so on.

man with hat on

2014 wasn’t a particularly conducive time for hormonal optimisation believe it or not

After I had finished that first year I decided it was high time I invested some serious effort into achieving my overall health goals – which leads us to the present day.

After putting some major hours in over the past 3 and a bit years, I’d say I’m pretty well versed in the whole testosterone thing.

With this in mind, I wanted to create some accountability. By conducting a 30 day test implementing all of my rather niche knowledge, the whole world (or the 2 people who actually read my blog) can see whether I’m full of bull excretion or not.

Starting on the 9th of April 2018, I will attempt to pass the natural range for testosterone. If I get there, that’s bloody great. If not, everyone gets to have a good giggle at my expense.

How I measure my testosterone

Getting your testosterone tested can be a bit of a mammoth task. The NHS reeeeally don’t like to give them out and who can blame them – the system is on its knees and has bigger problems to concern itself with. At the end of the day, you’re not going to die from a lack of testosterone…(but you certainly won’t live #deep).

This is why I get my blood work done privately by a company called Medichecks. These guys literally offer every sort of health test you could think of. You name it, they probably test for it.

testosterone measuring kit

Way back in the day, I had my testosterone levels tested by these guys  and the results weren’t great. At that point my diet was naff, I was working a job I hated and overall, I really wasn’t trying to optimise my life for health. With that being said, my testosterone levels sat at 19.3 nmol/l which equates to 556 ng/dl (my preferred way of presenting t-levels). I attribute this to weight training & my youthful advantage.

medichecks kit

Whilst this was in the normal range of 7.6 – 31.4 nmol/l, it wasn’t where I should have been at 20 years of age. So I set out to change it.

Last week, the guys at Medichecks agreed to send me their Well Man UltraVit blood test which can gauge not only testosterone but lots of other health markers such as cholesterol, thyroid function and heart disease risk.


What’s great about Medichecks – and what first drew me to them, was the efficiency of their service. For as little £29 you can have a kit sent out no questions asked, take your sample (or go to a clinic to have them take it), send it back for free and then have your results within 2 days all analysed by a professional doctor along with feedback.

apparatus-inside-boxmedichecks blood test kit

I sent off my sample and 2 days later, I had my results back. Basically, everything was in range except for my HDL (Good) cholesterol and B12 which were both slightly elevated – fine by me.

doctors-resultslab report on blood work

What was intriguing was that my testosterone now sat at 27.6 nmol/l (796 ng/dl). This sits quite close to the upper range limit for T levels which is an exciting prospect. By simply changing a few lifestyle factors, it may be possible to break past the 1000 ng/dl barrier with relative ease.

How I plan to supercharge the big T

The big factors that will be addressed will be sleep, nutrition, weight training and stress levels. I will then supplement with a few vitamins & adaptogenic herbs in order to give my hormones a little boost.

Some novel ways I plan to increase my testosterone are:

There will obviously be many other things that I will be putting in place to make sure this experiment doesn’t fall flat on its face but that’s the general bones of it.

In roughly a month, I will be revealing every last detail of what I did to (hopefully) attain the holy grail of biological manhood.

Want to join me?

If this sounds like something you’d love to try for yourself then you can! You can get yourself a variety of kits from Medichecks here. If you just want to measure your testosterone before and after then have a gander at their testosterone kit here. If you’re looking for a more holistic insight then you can try the test that I personally use here.

If you use the code ‘MANBLUEPRINT10‘ you’ll even get 10% off everything on the site you business savvy swine.

Anyway – that’s what my current situation is and how I plan on supercharging the fabled T in just 60 days. Follow my journey on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

If you’re interested in my methods, you can always get in touch for training and nutrition plans courtesy of yours truly that are guaranteed to put hairs on your chest. If you fancy it, get in touch at themanblueprint@gmail.com.