Best of British: Discussing Monroe of London

We’re at number three in the Best of British Series now – time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it? Right guys!? Guys? Anyway, this instalment will be taking a look at the male grooming scene’s new kid – Monroe of London.

Monroe of London

Monroe of London is the brain child of two fashion photographers – Gareth & Luke. They were exposed to a whole industry that placed the utmost importance on looking good at all times.

monroe of london hydro spray

Based on this, they decided they wanted to bring this passion to the every day gent. After working with The Harley Street Skin Clinic, creating an extensive grooming range, they have finally brought this passion and know-how to us mere mortals.

The end result is an inclusive, dual-purpose range that has pretty much every grooming need covered – and then some.

What did I go for?

I went for Monroe’s best seller; The Reed kit. This included The Exfoliator & Pore Minimiser, The Moisturiser & Shave Balm, The Hydro Spray and The Cleanse & Shave Solution.

I figured that these would cover my every day needs for a month or so, meaning I could give a decent opinion on a few different aspects of grooming, not just moisturising or just shaving, etc.

monroe of london exfoliator

What I liked

I know it’s a bit shallow of me but I’m a sucker for bloody good packaging. Monroe have absolutely nailed this one. Their packaging isn’t crappy plastic, it’s made from sturdy glass (or at least I think it is…) and the whole London aesthetic screams “I AM WONDERFUL, RUB ME ON YOUR EXTREMITIES”

monroe of london moisturiser

The quality of the ingredients is a huge upside for me. No shade intended but the bigger corporate companies just shove any old bollocks into their serums and whatever else they’re peddling that season. The guys at Monroe have kept is pretty natural which is refreshing to see.

monroe of london cleanse and shave solution

Obviously, being the chemical-phobe that I am – I would have liked the ingredients to be 100% natural but I can’t complain too much here. As long as I can pronounce everything on the label, it floats my boat so fair play fellas.

And finally – the results! I was actually pretty impressed here when it came to the skincare aspect. I still look like a 53-year old man with kids and a mortgage (even plastic surgery couldn’t fix that mess) but my skin does feel a lot softer and I noticed a decent reduction of blemishes and irritation after shaves.

What I disliked

My only gripe I have with the Monroe range is their lack of different sizes. It’s great having a standard size when you’re testing out a few different things to see what you like BUT (and I’m sure everyone can relate to this), once you find a product you really like, you want to buy it in bulk so you don’t run out and usually, save yourself a bit of money.

Having this option is great for regular customers and would offer a bit of an incentive to buy more if a discount was offered for buying the bigger versions – just a thought.



Having given Monroe’s top sellers a thorough testing over the past 4 weeks or so, I have been suitably impressed with each and every one. I might even try and beg for some more…

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