The rise of the online personal trainer and what this can teach us about digital-age opportunity

There has literally never been a time where opportunity has been so abundant. With tech seemingly advancing every second, this upward trajectory isn’t stopping any time soon and the quicker you latch onto this exponential growth the better.

One such niche that has been tremendously affected by the digital revolution is the personal training market. I’ll talk you through my points and how they relate to the vast opportunity available to you starting right now.

Conventional Personal training

The conventional wisdom when it comes to personal training is that you pay a couple of grand for a personal training qualification, work for 5 years in a gym building up a client base, then take on 10 regular clients as to stay easily manageable with a steady income.

If you’re lucky you might then open up your own gym or personal training business after 15 years of grafting and saving. This way of career and business management has become outdated. All of this is completely redundant now the digital age has entered full swing.

The Digital age

With the introduction of personal computers, internet and the following advances in both, information is everywhere. Anyone from you nan to your dog can access millions and millions of informative articles and how-to’s on anything from health and fitness to toe nail clipping collecting.

At first, we saw this as a handy way of expanding knowledge to help with day to day life. After a while however, people realised that they could make money online from the comfort of their own home.

With the introduction of social media more so than any other advancement, we have become connected like never before. This has given businesses an almost infinite reach to shores they would never have reached before. Before the digital age, small businesses could serve those immediately around them. If they were really good they could grow and grow, opening premises all around the country, then take the huge risk of trying to expand internationally.

Now, businesses can expand globally straight away and save money on opening physical offices and stores. People can work from home on their computers, phones, tablets and god knows what else whilst people are increasingly doing their shopping online, meaning that small business can bypass all the graft of yesteryear and fast-track their growth.

Digital Personal training

Now back to the personal training example I highlighted before. Personal trainers are now using social media, blogs and youtube videos to reach massive audiences. Now, people are buying into personality over anything else. A lot of people offering online personal training don’t even have personal training qualifications, they’ve just amassed a huge amount of knowledge through the use of the digital age.

Instead of coaching a few middle aged women a week, coaches can now reach millions of potential clients, working with a whole variety of people. Even movie stars, athletes and wealthy business workers are turning to online coaching as it doesn’t involve both parties having to travel to a mutual destination and the hours aren’t restricted.

The freedom of online training can teach us a lot about how to make a living on the back of the digital revolution. Doing everything online means we can target the new type of consumer – the cash rich and time poor. People will always pay for convenience and with the introduction of easy online alternatives to physical options, this market will be the most lucrative for entrepreneurs for years to come.

To conclude

Bet you didn’t think a blog about online personal trainers could highlight the biggest opportunity for success in the modern age did you? Use this knowledge and join the revolution before your niche becomes saturated.


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