The only cardio and abs workout you’ll ever need

I used to hate doing a cardio or abs workout, I find it a little bit boring if I’m honest. With this in mind, I decided to create a simple but effective cardio and abs workout that increases muscle mass and testosterone whilst simultaneously melting body fat.

When do do the cardio & abs workout

Do this workout twice per week either on your ‘off’ days or following a workout – I recommend doing it on a non-workout day though.


7 sets // 20 seconds // 30s rest

Sprints have been shown time after time to increase testosterone. Sprinting is also a far more effective way to increase fitness and decrease body fat when compared to long distance, steady-state cardio. The high intensity nature of the exercise means that you can build immense power in your upper and lower body without creating too much neural fatigue, allowing you to recover faster for your next session.

Cable crunch

5 sets // 10 reps // 45s rest

This is one of the few abs exercises you can load over time which makes it a great way to actually build mass in the ab area instead of doing thousands of sit-ups that can wreak havoc with your lower back.

It’s also an exercise that is near impossible to cheat on like you can with hanging leg raises. As long as you pull with your abs and not your arms then this move will target the abs better than any other exercise.

This the perfect all-in-one abs workout and as long as your diet is on point, you’ll see remarkable gains.


5 sets // 30 seconds // 45s rest

An often overlooked element of an abs workout is the effect it can have on your lower back and posture. In order to maintain balanced posture and avoid any lower back problems you should train your lower back with the same volume that you train your abs.

Bridging is a great way to boost flexibility and injury-proof the lower back whilst helping to improve key lifts like your squat, deadlift and bench press.

It’s as simple as that. This won’t take you any longer than half an hour and will boost all your fitness markers whilst giving you energy to attack the day. Give it a go for a few weeks and notice the difference.