Mahabis: The minimalists redefining modern loungewear

Mahabis, who or what the bloody hell is that?

Well – Mahabis are a loungewear company specialising in footwear and they are intent on flipping the industry on its head. I remember seeing the Mahabis slippers in men’s health a few years ago and thinking they were the best thing since sliced bread.

They were a bit out of my price range as an unemployed 16 year old bum so alas I could not get my feet covered in sweet sweet luxury at the time. Fast forward 5 years and here we are – living the dream.

mahabis packaging


Mahabis started out with their flagship product – slippers, back in 2014. They have since expanded to all sorts of loungewear and outerwear but for the purpose of this article, we’ll be solely focusing on the slippers.

These are the coolest slippers you can possibly get your hands on – their soles are 3-D printed, the materials are predominantly neoprene & TPU, they’ve been featured in Hypebeast and they’ve won a boatload of innovation awards.

mahabis slippers

They’re based in London but call on Scandi design influence and European craftsmanship, something which I can fully get with.

My Opinion

Now the all important info – what did I actually think of them?

I opted for the Mahabis Classic in Grey. In short, I thought they were bloody brilliant.

They were unbelievably comfortable from the off, I didn’t have to break them in at all. They have a lined inside, meaning that they were softer than Michael Jackson’s voice & felt like I was walking on a cloud.

instructional leaflet

The detachable sole element was a welcome change from the other slippers I’ve had. Usually, as soon as you take a pair outside, no way are you being let back in the house with them on.

Mahabis have found the best of both worlds here. Throw the sole on when you’re going outside, slip ’em off when you come back in. Easy and you don’t even have to swap footwear. You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone.

One thing I would say is that I won’t be rocking these when I’m going for a few drinks down the pub or if I’m off to a business meeting… They are classy as it comes when you’re indoors but when you’re going to an actual event, I wouldn’t recommend turning up in these.

mahabis slippers

The pubiest ankles you ever did see. Nice slippers though…

Going for a walk, heading to the park, going outside the house for a bit – all fine. Meeting your other half’s family for the first time – not so fine. You see where I’m coming from?

They have still nailed it regardless and no one else is doing what Mahabis is doing – they’ve offered the perfect solution to quite a sizeable problem.

So there we have it. These puppies are slicker than an oil spill. If you want to up your loungewear credentials then get investing. If you don’t, then don’t.

You can follow Mahabis on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. You can also pick up your own Mahabis merch here.