Date night routine 101: How to nail the big night

Date night is always a cause for extra effort. You might change your undies after wearing them back-to-front & inside-out for the past 5 days. You may shower. You also may not. Anyway, if you’re going on a date, you’re there to impress.

If you’re meeting someone for the first time or the millionth time, it doesn’t matter. You’re making an effort not only for the other person, but for yourself. So make sure you’re adding all those little extras. Think smart cufflinks, fresh trims & summer perfumes. Having these little bits helps you feel like a million dollars – something that your date will be able to sense straight away.

Being at your peak is a matter of self-respect – it doesn’t hurt to try and gain a few extra brownie points from your partner though…

I’ve put together some essential steps that will help you to nail your date night, whether that be a sit down meal, a few boozy ones or simply just a walk in the park. These tips are universal.

Date night prep

Lay everything out.


Start with your undies, then get your trousers, top, accessories, shoes and then finally, lay all your grooming essentials out.

By laying everything out before you start, you don’t have to waste needless time and energy trying to decide what to wear & what to use whilst you’re halfway through your routine.

clothes and a bag

If you’re prepared then the whole process should go off without a hitch. You will be stress free, you won’t have decision fatigue (which is a very real thing) & you will be ready in record time.

By having a rigid, streamlined plan, you can focus your energy on your date, meaning you’ll come across as a man who has his act together, even if you don’t yet.


Working out not only relives us of stress and calms us down ready for the charm offensive – it also gives us a massive testosterone boost in time for date night.

T has been shown to be a huge driving force behind primal attraction between males and females. If you’re a guy dating a guy, T will still be a huge advantage for you as it is also associated with higher levels of calm, humour and confidence – all keys to impressing your date.


Working out also keeps us looking fitter and healthier, which is a massive factor when making a great first impression. By dressing a fit and healthy body with a well prepared outfit, you’re on course to become that charming bugger you were always destined to be.

Groom stage 1

Shave. If that’s what you’re into of course.

If shaving isn’t your style then don’t – but if it is, give yourself a once all over with the trimmer/razor.

That little buzz you get when you feel like a cleansed, well groomed demi-god is hard to beat and that confidence will transfer over to your date…hopefully.

man shaving before date night

And you never know, if you strike it lucky, your date could be very well impressed by those well trimmed ear lobes of yours.

Cold Shower

I have waxed lyrical about cold showers since the dawn of time itself. I have also written about them here, here & here.

They’re gonna give you a massive surge in confidence and help you stay alert all night. Get a cold god damn shower my man.


This is where your earlier prep comes into play. Everything is laid out and ready for you. Slip into your sultry garments and get ready to set the world alight young man. Date night is almost a goer.

Groom stage 2

This is the cherry on top stage.

Put some coconut oil in your hair & spray your signature scent. Leaving these bits till last is the best way to do it.

Your hair is just gonna get messed up again when you pull your top over your head and if you put your aftershave on after your clothes, it sticks to them, meaning the scent sticks around longer.

smiling man

This is something that you’d preferably want, as the smell will eventually become something that your date will associate with you.

Imagine that – when they get a whiff of that smell they think of little old you. Cute.

Final checks

Could you imagine anything worse than getting to your date and you’ve forgot your wallet, or if you left your lucky key ring at home?

The final checks ensure that your thoughts won’t be wandering whilst you’re in the company of your date. You should be leaving the house calm, clear headed and confident.

Having these final checks is paramount for achieving this.

Got undies on? Check.

Switched the oven off? Check.

79 condoms at the ready, just in case? Check.

Everyone’s checklist is going to be different, just make sure it covers all your bases.

There’s your ultimate date night guide my man. After that amount of prep you’re all but guaranteed a peck on the cheek.

Now all you have to remember is your manners.