Santillo 1970: The best Italian shirtmaker you’ve never heard of

Santillo 1970 are special. I’ll tell you something – there aren’t many menswear companies out there nowadays who hand tailor their clothes. Most of the stuff we’re wearing today was probably made by some big mechanical machine resembling a 1980’s Arnold Shwarzenegger.

Not Santillo though.

santillo label on shirt

These folks have been hand making shirts since…1970! Fast forward almost 50 years and they are still a family run business in Italy who have shunned machines and opted for quality over quantity – something that I am personally a huge advocate of.

The stand out feature of their shirts are the arms. These are hand stitched on after the sides have been sewn up in order to make the shirt as strong as possible. This is what gives the Santillo shirts their signature look.

santillo shirt close up

Even just the details on the packaging ooze class. The seal on the tissue paper was giving off some major Hogwarts vibes and I am all for it.

wrapping paper

Anyway, let’s get into a few pictures of one of Santillo’s shirts in action on yours truly.

They will last decades and never go out of fashion – what more can I say? I’m sold on these and I think you will be too.

man fixing cuff

I can’t put in to words just how luxurious the whole experience was from start to finish. I opened the package to what looked like a present from the queen and it was all uphill from there.

man looking on to river

I got to dress like an extra from a Pitti Uomo shoot and pretend to be cool for the day, so Santillo have well and truly boxed me off.

santillo shirt

If you can afford to go down the quality over quantity route then I urge you try out the master tailors of Italy. As you can see from the snaps above, they can turn even the most average of fellas (like myself) into elegantly dressed gentlemen. Witchcraft I tell ya.

You can follow Santillo 1970 on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. You won’t regret it, the stuff they put up is unbelievable.