Taking on the Herbalife Nutrition 21 day challenge

You may have already seen my previous post, but if you haven’t – you should know that I am a big fan of Herbalife Nutrition. I was very much set against the whole idea of it since the dawn of time itself – BUT, I had my opinion flipped on its head a few months back when I got to sample their H24 range. So when the guys got back in touch with their new Herbalife Nutrition 21 day challenge alongside British Olympian Nile Wilson, I couldn’t turn it down.

man lifting weights in garage

The Herbalife Nutrition 21-day challenge

The Herbalife Nutrition 21 day challenge is a series of workout videos that have been created by Herbalife Nutrition in conjunction with Nile Wilson – an Olympic gymnastics bronze medalist. Not many people can say that their instructor boasts those credentials!

man in herbalife t shirt

The videos are all designed to work your full body over a 3-week period in a variety of ways that are centred around gymnastic moves. One day even has you doing handstand-based moves for 20 minutes which was a massive challenge.

Funnily enough, I used to practice handstands all the time because I was (and still am) a weirdo with too much time on my hands, so this was a nice surprise for me.

herbalife nutrition 21 day challenge man performing handstand

Something which really stood out to me was the fact that the challenge trained the mind as well as the body. This is something which I believe is sorely lacking in the wellness world.

There is the obvious need to train your body, but if you don’t have the right mindset, how on earth do you expect to adhere to the workouts and actually make optimal progression?

This is what made the Herbalife Nutrition 21 day challenge one of the most refreshing 3 weeks of training I’d had in years.

How I adapted it

I am currently training for strength and size. This is due to me testing out my newest workout program before I write it up into an e-book. Therefore, I wasn’t just going to do the 21 day challenge workouts and leave it at that.

While the workouts were great, I did have specific goals in mind and I would recommend that those with goals similar to mine should consider doing what I’m about to tell you.

man performing push up

On my workout days, I would add in Nile’s workout at the end of my own. I would usually do an abbreviated version of it for the sake of saving time & energy. I must admit, I’d skip the warm up, which isn’t advisable if you’re jumping straight in, but because I had been working out, I was already as warm as a mother’s embrace.

On non-workout days, I’d do the full workout, this acted as a great recovery aid. I viewed it as active recovery, meaning my muscles were being worked but not to the point of fatigue. If I felt like I was getting fatigued then I’d just dial it back a bit, take a rest and then carry on again at a lower intensity.

Obviously, I have a lot of training years behind me, so what feels like lower volume and active recovery to me may feel harder for others. I can only speak for myself here. If you feel like you can’t handle that sort of volume on your non-workout days then just half the time or do the stretching and mindset workouts instead.

I enjoyed revisiting the mindset workouts over the weekend of each week to get me geared up for Monday’s workout.

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My fuel

The fuel for the Herbalife Nutrition 21 day challenge was Herbalife Nutrition’s H24 range. As mentioned at the start, I have already reviewed these but there were a few more surprises which really tickled my pickle.

During the challenge I used: Rebuild strength (personal fav), CR7 Drive, Hydrate electrolyte drink, tub of meal replacement shakes, protein bars. You can see everything very nicely laid out by yours truly below:

supplements for herbalife 21 day challenge

I used the protein bars as snacks to help me through the day when access to food was limited and also helped to eliminate cravings for chocolate and sweets which helped me curb my sweet tooth somewhat.

herbalife merchandise

I used the rebuild strength powder religiously every day as an easy way to get a load of vitamins, protein & carbs before and after my workouts. Although it is a post-workout drink this just felt ideal for me and was what worked in my situation.

herbalife rebuild strength

You may find that you like to mix it into an early morning smoothie or have it as a snack between meals. But for me, having 25g pre-workout & 25g post-workout with each serving seemed to give the best response.

As I have discussed before, I feel as if the CR7 drive would be ideal for longer endurance based training or sports specific training. Having tried the Hydrate also, I feel like this is the case here too.

If you’re doing a lot of running or really getting a sweat on, then these two would be ideal but for someone like me who does a lot of explosive strength work followed by a modified version of the challenge, I felt like normie water did the trick.

herbalife hydrate drink

I’ll be keeping hold of ’em for when I take to the 5-a-side pitch though. You better believe I’ll be scoring backheels from 40 yards out with that CR7 pumping through my veins.

My thoughts on the Herbalife Nutrition 21 day challenge

If you’re looking to keep fit and have daily exciting workouts then this is for you. If you like having the motivation of an Olympian giving you instructions then this is also for you. If you have any sort of fitness goal, this challenge really is for you.

man drinking from herbalife water bottle

I have been training for over 7 years now and so the Herbalife Nutrition 21 day challenge workouts in and of themselves weren’t making me any super gains, however, by incorporating the movements at the end of my normal workouts or as active recovery on rest days as explained above, I was able to make serious strides in my athletic performance in day to day life.

Be that running up the stairs or carrying my Tesco home delivery crates – it just felt a little bit lighter on the lungs, something which I’ll admit – was missing from my overall development.

Let’s be honest – it’s free. What have you got to lose?

You can find all the workouts from the Herbalife 21-day challenge here. And you can keep up with the team at Herbalife24 here.