How Vitabiotics changed my opinion on multivitamins forever

If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media you’ll know that I have been trialling Vitabiotics’ Wellman Max kit for quite some time now. After taking a 12-week course of their range I can officially say, I have had my opinions changed on multivitamins.

vitabiotics wellman max


They actually sent me 16-weeks worth of multivitamins, which was bloody excellent as I was only expecting 12. Included in the lil’ hamper were some bonus bits – a shampoo, moisturiser and a body wash.

I gave these a couple of tries and whilst they seemed great n all, we all know I’m a fat chemical-phobe – so I gave them to my dad (he gave them a glowing review though).

The Wellman Max

The star of the show here is the Wellman Max.

In fairness, it isn’t just a multivitamin and the fact I have branded it as such is doing the kit a disservice. Basically, there’s 3 different packs: one is a micronutrient complex, one is an omega 3,6 & 9 complex and one is a potent combo of calcium and Vitamin D3.

So it’s multiple vitamins…

Anyway, the good thing about this is that you’re getting a massive spectrum of nutrients boxed off properly, everything is dosed correctly and there are elements such as Q10 & carotenoids to help the absorption of the nutrients whilst helping optimise a healthy lifestyle.

It’s more than a multivitamin – OKAY?!


My take on multivitamins

Now, it would be fair to say that I am a bit of a multivitamin sceptic – I wrote a whole chapter in my free ebook on why your bog standard multis are a waste of time and effort.

Take a look here if you want.

But basically, the usual multivitamins we get shoved down our throats (you know the ones; The all-in-one solutions in superdrug, at the checkout in the supermarket or protein peddling companies’ low-dose efforts) are full to the brim with fillers, they contain poor quality nutrients and they generally just don’t work.

This is why I was keen to try Vitabiotics’ Wellman Max.

I have heard countless people swear by this stuff and I assumed that there was a reason why they’re the UK’s leading supplement company. After doing a bit of research I found that their quality of ingredients was far higher of that used in other companies’ and dosages were actually beneficial.

You’re not getting ripped off.

I am a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ and that couldn’t be truer here.


The beginning

I’m a pretty healthy bloke normally, so I can’t say I was exactly at rock bottom health-wise. This meant my results weren’t as drastic as some miracle health transformations you may see floating around the web.

With that being said, I could definitely do with something to fill in any nutritional deficiencies. I tend to eat the same thing every day for about 3 months at a time meaning some form of deficiency is likely to crop up eventually.


What I liked

The packaging is excellent. I don’t mean the branding (although that’s not too shabby), but the pill trays – is that what they’re called? – were laid out perfectly, with each one labelled with a day so you know exactly what pill to take and when.

This saved me from having to lug my geriatric pill case around with me wherever I go.

The results were the biggest thing I liked – obviously.

I have been waking up at 5am for the past few months, right around the time I started taking the wellman max. This meant that when I was going through the initial adjustment period, I was TIRED. Very tired.

The max helped me to battle this to some degree, fighting fatigue with the absolute bevvy of nutrients that it was battering my system with. I genuinely believe that it helped me with this and helped to balance my mood.

Mood swings can be a massive side effect when you change sleeping schedules but I didn’t experience snappiness or anything like whatsoever – or at least, no more than usual…

Oh, and I also got to pretend I was Post Malone, popping all these god damn pillies.

What I disliked

I would probably have liked a higher dosage of vitamin D3. I try to take around 10,000 IU’s which is massively over the recommended daily intake of 1,000. This is because super-dosing with 10,000 IU’s has been shown to be most effective when trying to increase testosterone long term.


The Wellman Max actually comes with 3,500 IU’s which is still a pretty hefty chunk, but if they could have upped it to 5,000 that would make it ideal for me.

The next point isn’t really what I didn’t like, but more of a suggestion.

But in my testosterone-wannabee opinion, an optional adaptogens pill set would be a fantastic addition.

A pill containing 4 or 5 adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwaghanda, Tongkat Ali & Rhodiola Rosea would make the kit the absolute one-stop male vitality pill.


As it stands, I am taking a little break from Adaptogens after my testosterone experiment so if this kit was optional I could just opt out, as could else anyone who didn’t fancy it.

Giving the customer this little bit of customisation would make the kit feel a bit more tailored to their needs.

But what do I know, I’m just a fella who writes words on a keyboard.

vitabiotics wellman max


The multivitamin sceptic has had his horizons broadened. I still hold those beliefs about your average Joes but the Vitabiotics Wellman Max ain’t no average Joe.

It’s an above average Max.

Okay, I’ll see myself out.

If you want your own slice of the Vitabiotics pie you can visit their website here. You can also follow them on InstagramFacebook Twitter.