Son of a Tailor: The best t-shirt you’ll ever own

What more can I say about Son of a Tailor that hasn’t already been said? These guys make hands down, the best bloody t-shirts you will ever own.

And they’re making waves with new additions to their range with polos and sweaters. But before we jump ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning, we all love a little bit of backstory don’t we?

Who are Son of a Tailor?

Copenhagen. 2014. Son of a Tailor was born. At that precise time, I was starting university – playing Yu-Gi-Oh and drinking budget cider. Funny how paths cross isn’t it?

Anyway, in the spring of 2014, this new concept was brought to the mainstream. Son of a Tailor have brought made-to-measure tailoring to the masses for a fraction of the price of a conventional custom piece.

Son of a tailor t shirt

When ordering from Son of a Tailor, you put in all your measurements and customise a piece of clothing to your exact specifications. Do you want it loose fitting? Tight? Regular? Long? There are loaaaads of options. Once you’re happy, all you have to do is press that big old buy button and you’re good to go.

They will then use their fancy machines to laser cut the piece to your exact measurements, making every single Son of a Tailor item completely unique. It will also happen to be the best fitting T-shirt you’ll ever own in your life – they guarantee it.

What makes them so great?

Son of a Tailor are serious trailblazers and they continue to set the benchmark for all other companies in the men’s clothing business. The reasons are many but I’ve listed a few down below to give you a feel.


The sourcing and production of all Son of a Tailor pieces are of the utmost quality. According to their website, the main aim of their sourcing process is to ensure good working standards, high skill levels and generally heightening the standards of modern clothing production.

Can’t say fairer than that can you.

Son of a Tailor’s main aim was to make a t-shirt that would last forever, which is why they went for extra long cotton fibres – the highest possible grade of cotton. It’s this sort of attention to detail and craftsmanship that sets them apart from the pack.


Since all t-shirts are produced in Europe, you can guarantee the quality of every one. Along with that, the fact that these puppies are laser cut by state of the art machinery means you’re always going to get the perfect piece – AND, since every one of those pieces is completely unique, it adds a little bit of character to each one.

knitting machine son of a tailor


Son of a Tailor used to specialise in solely t-shirts, and while they still do specialise, they have broadened their horizons massively over the past few years.

They’re now dabbling in long sleeve tees, pique material tees and polos, sweaters, limited edition tops and way more. Add to that the endless customisation they offer such as colours, patterns, fit type, sleeve design and everything in between and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Customer service

This is a biggie for me. When a company goes the extra mile for their customers it really speaks volumes. If you’re not 100% happy with your tops, you can send them back and they will give you free alterations until you are satisfied.

The algorithms are bang on 95% of the time according to the boffins at SoaT HQ though so I can imagine that the return rate isn’t going to be very high at all.

The gift card

With christmas just around the corner (November at the time of writing) you might be stressing out a bit about what to get that special fella in your life. Partner, Dad, Uncle – whatever, I’m sure they’re all fans of t-shirts aren’t they?

Why not take all the stress out of present buying and get them a Son of a Tailor gift card? It beats getting a generic one and it shows them that you care – and that you want them to dress a bit smarter…

son of a tailor gift card

The gift card is new for 2018 and comes in a cheeky little gift box which includes the card along with a tailor’s tape measure – they’ve thought of it all haven’t they?

It comes in £48, £60 & £72 versions (corresponding to the prices of their range), so even that will be a stand out present on its own – no one remembers a £50 gift card, but a £48 one? Yes please.

The T-shirt

This is their bread and butter. I went with the classic white tee and was expecting nothing short of A-grade quality. What I got still surprised me though – it was perfectly fitting in every aspect, unsettlingly soft to the touch and brighter than my future.

I was wearing a white t-shirt from Reiss the day before I got this in the post and thought that was the bee’s knees, but once I put this on I couldn’t believe the contrast – it really was night and day.

The difference between a tailored garment and one straight off the peg is unbelievable and I urge you to give it a go if you want to see what a real fitted t-shirt feels like.

The Polo

This is a relative newbie to the Son of a Tailor range but it’s making waves already. They are made out of ‘pique material’ whatever that is – all I know is that it that the pique looks peak. Am I right guys? Guys?!

It does look great though and again, the material is amazingly soft but this is slightly thicker which I like. I have a lot of knitted polos which tend to break down a bit over time but this material, paired with the long-lasting cotton that they use, will hopefully keep this polo in my wardrobe for a long time to come.

The beauty of both the tee and the polo is that they go with virtually anything. Throw on a pair of jeans and some boots and it looks amazing, they would be equally at home featured in a casual suit or even with some smart joggers. The versatility of the Son of a Tailor range is what makes it so appealing to me.

My take on it all

I’ll be honest, I am sold on Son of a Tailor. These guys are the absolute dog’s bollocks. The fact that they’re offering such a classy, bespoke service for this price is unbelievable.

son of a tailor polo and t shirt

If I was you, I’d opt for the t-shirt first and see how you like the fit. Then you can start experimenting with the other stuff in their range such as the polo and their new sweaters.

son of a tailor tags

If you’re revelling in your lovely fitting gear after that, tell your loved ones to get you a load of Son of a Tailor gift cards and you can experiment further with different colours, fitting styles and patterns – maybe even some limited edition pieces if you catch them at the right time.

Son of a tailor – a novel, yet innovative concept that is here to stay. These guys are going to continue to grow and I’m hoping we’ll be seeing a lot more from them in the not-so-distant future.

If you fancy getting your grubby mits on some Son of a Tailor merch then head over to their site. You can also keep up with them over on Facebook & Instagram.