About vintage: Copenhagen’s finest watchmakers

In case you hadn’t already noticed – I bloody love watches. There’s something about this gentlemen’s staple that just ticks all the right boxes for me. So when About Vintage came knocking, who the hell was I to turn ’em down?

Having heard so many people waxing lyrical about the quality and craftsmanship of Scandinavian watches, I wanted in on the action – so that’s exactly what I did.

About vintage

So, who the hell – or what the hell, are About Vintage?

I am so glad you asked, my good sir. About Vintage was conceptualised in 2013 on a beach in Mexico by Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen and Sebastian Skov Regeser over a few too many coronas (this is true by the way, not me spouting my usual hyperbole).

abount vintage 1969 watch black

They wanted to create a modern watch brand that had all the elegance, timelessness and simplicity of vintage watches, but with all the benefits of modern practices. Usually, these beer-infused moments of perceived innovation will fade away with the next day’s hangover, but this one stuck for the pair.

About Vintage was born.

What makes them so good?

What exactly makes About Vintage so special? There’s a plethora of watch brands out there, so what exactly is it that makes these guys stand out? Luckily, quite a lot.


Their whole philosophy of ‘Make moments, Give it history – Let it become vintage’ resonates with my soul on a deep-ass level. The whole fun of vintage is the history of the piece, which is why this modern spin on things is so great.

abount vintage 1969 watch black

Making your own history is what it’s all about and having a watch that has collected all these memories and that can be passed down through generations is such a fulfilling and exciting thought.

Customer service

I always bang on about it but it still rings true – the customer service of a company is what sets apart the good and the great. All my dealings with the guys at About Vintage were pleasant but to be honest, it wasn’t my own interactions with them that caught my eye – it was one of the reviews that I read.

There was a bloke all the way up in Canada who had his watch stolen (or lost) in transit which was rather unfortunate. About Vintage could have shrugged off responsibility – after all, it wasn’t their fault. The couriers were responsible for the watch whilst it was being shipped but regardless, the Scandis stepped up and went the extra mile for this poor sod.

After a few back and forths, they were able to send out a completely new replacement for the guy and thus, cement their place as one of the most customer-centric companies in the business.

This isn’t a one-off either, if you have a look at the 100+ verified reviews, you’ll see just how far these guys will go to ensure the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Wide range

Whilst the range is concentrated and streamlined, there is still a good variety in price points. There are lower prices (£200) to much higher ones (£1,000+) which is great for those looking to shop within varying budgets.

What is great about About Vintage is that even though they do have cheaper options, they don’t skimp on the build quality in the slightest. Every watch is of a ridiculously exceptional standard.

abount vintage 1969 watch black

The watch

Now let’s take a look at the actual watch shall we?

The 1969 is About Vintage’s entry range – but you wouldn’t think it. These watches are expertly crafted and come with all the bells and whistles of watches far above their pay grade.

It is named after one of the most influential years in watchmaking history – 1969, obviously. This was the year that the world’s first Quartz watch was developed – something that completely revolutionised the watch industry forever.

abount vintage 1969 watch black

It also ties in with the philosophy of About Vintage – adding a bit of history to a timepiece to give it that bit of personal touch – good stuff.

I went for the gold rimmed 1969 with a black strap and white face. This is a classic, minimal design that fits my style perfectly and goes with just about any outfit you can throw at it.

The positives

There are quite a few of these – but I’ve condensed them down to just a few, for your pleasure.

Build quality

This is the biggest indicator of a top timepiece. The 1969 range is built AF. As soon as you prize open the (handcrafted wooden) presentation box and take the watch out, you can instantly feel the weight of it.

You can feel how crisp the leather is, how well machined the steel is and how intricate the detailing is throughout. It is a piece of art and should be appreciated accordingly.


The looks. About Vintage have really gone HAM here. They have played perfectly into their Scandinavian heritage, with minimal design present throughout.

abount vintage 1969 watch black

The watch face itself is clean, the stitching on the strap is lowkey but perfectly executed and the overall design is a masterpiece of minimal design – no garish bollocks like a lot of bejewelled monstrosities of today.


Maybe it’s because I’ve got girly wrists but this watch is the absolute perfect fit. I find on most watches, the face is wayyyyy too big and tends to dig into the top bit of my hand, whereas About Vintage have gone with a more classic, smaller face.

This is how watches used to be before the whole ‘make your watch as big and ugly as possible’ trend came about. This throwback to proper craftsmanship is yet another reason why the About Vintage range is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to grips with.


This is such a cool feature that I simply HAD to tell you about. It might not sound like much, but you can interchange the straps. Not just that though (I know you can on most watches), you don’t need any little fiddly screwdrivers or implements – they clip out easily with your thumb.

How sick is that? If you fancy changing up your style, just get a new strap and interchange depending on your mood. If you’re going to a casual event, why not go for a more laid back one? Or smarten up for a black tie event? These puppies have got versatility for days – yet another reason why About Vintage is king.

The negatives

Be warned, this isn’t going to be a long list.


It would be a lot better if they were stocked in stores near me in the UK. As a shopper, I love to try things out, try them on and give ’em a thorough test run. Having to trust the online store alone can sometimes lead to disappointment so this is something I’d love to see the guys work on.

abount vintage 1969 watch black

Saying that, they do offer free 30 day returns on all items so you can always try it on for size and if you don’t like it, send it back. This isn’t too bad and is what most people do with ASOS, etc. but I’m a man who likes simplicity – the whole returns process bores me.

Luckily though, About Vintage knocked my order out of the park and I loved it – no need for returns.


So yeah, that’s about it. That’s just about the only fault I can pick with both the company and the watches themselves. I didn’t want to believe that the British could be topped when it comes to watches but About Vintage have changed my mind.

I am a Copenhagen convert, it’s official. After dealing exclusively in British made timepieces for the past few years, it was a bit of a jump into the unknown but I don’t think I’ll be heading back to dear old Blighty any time soon.

The build quality, minimal design and comfort has won me over massively and it’s going to take a lot to knock this little fella off it’s perch.