About Vintage Watches: Why I went back for more

If you’ve followed me for a while now you’ll know that my wristwear of choice comes from About Vintage watches. These guys make unrivalled, minimal timepieces that look as equally at home with a suit as they do with shorts and flip flops.

I did a post on About Vintage last year but I had to come back for a little bit more. I am still in love with my first About Vintage watch but I just couldn’t help myself. Shout out to the guys for sending me a brand spanking new one to test out.

Who are they?

If you want a big ol’ breakdown of the full history of who About Vintage watches are, see my first post – or see their about page


I shall give you a brief breakdown of who these elusive characters are.

about vintage watches

About Vintage watches was started by two best friends from Copenhagen who wanted simplistic design in their watches along with a yearning to create a ‘new vintage’ style.

After a few frosty ones on a beach, they came up with it… About Vintage watches was born.

History lesson OVER, let’s get into the juicy stuff shall we?

My history with About Vintage watches

Okay, so as I said above, if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I’m a huge fan of About Vintage and basically wear my first timepiece from them every day.

about vintage watches

But for the new year, I thought I’d treat myself to a new version with a bit of a swanky new design. Of course I’ll be keeping the first one too, ya boi’s not a fast fashion victim, but it’s always nice to have a choice isn’t it.

about vintage watches

I love these guys and will happily go on record and say I won’t be straying from their range for a long, long time. I have sampled other brands before and whilst I loved them and their different aesthetic, there’s something about About Vintage’s range that just sits well with me.

I’m all about those good feels and About Vintage watches serve them in spades.

The 1820

So what is this mystical watch I have been showing you throughout this article? Well my friend, it is the 1820. This one came in Rose Gold with a brown, real leather strap.

about vintage watches

One nice little feature is that you can actually pick a custom complimentary strap to go with your watch, which adds a nice touch of individuality to your watch.

About Vintage watches always seem to come up trumps and I’m glad to say they’ve done it again with this the 1820. I absolutely love this watch. In fact, I’d say it’s giving my first About Vintage watch a run for its money.

about vintage watches

All the sexy little details on the face, the crisp hand movement, luxurious presentation box – everything about it oozes class, which is perfect as I could do with a little bit more of it…

about vintage watches

There we have it peeps, About Vintage watches absolutely smashing it yet again. I now have two of their watches in rotation, I may even wear them both at the same time for ultimate gangster points. Then again, I may not…

Go and check About Vintage watches out on their site, Instagram and Facebook.