Organic basics: The staples, redefined.

Organic Basics have been on my radar for the best part of a year. I’ve seen people waxing lyrical about them on my Instagram feed and being the FOMO sufferer I am, I just had to get involved with sustainable fashion’s golden child somehow.

I shot them an email asking if they fancied being in cahoots with me and they obliged. So here we are – big thanks to the Organic Basics crew for sorting me out with a couple of bits, here’s the lowdown.

Who are Organic Basics?

Like most of the best brands knocking about at the moment, Organic Basics hail from Copenhagen. They came about in 2015 and took the fashion world by storm with their sustainable basics.

Organic basics products

I knew they’d be my cup of tea as soon as I read on their site;

“We think that the fashion industry is a real dirty bastard”

Any brand that’s got that level of cojones gets a big fat sustainable thumbs up from me.

As most of you know by now, I’m a massive fan of sustainability and a quite a big #hater of plastic. This means that any brand that takes their sustainability and puts it at the core of everything they do is worth my time.

Organic basics tote bag

They focus their efforts on getting better fabrics for their products, better quality factories with higher levels of employee skill and wellbeing. This all leads to gear that lasts much longer than the usual. Their range that is made up of t-shirts, undies, socks and accessories.

What’s so good about them?

Thankfully, there’s a good few things that Organic Basics have got going for them. Here’s a few.

Wash smarter

Their garms don’t need washing as frequently as normie offerings, meaning you use less water, saving our sweet Mother Earth. Their range can also be washed at extremely cool temperatures too, meaning you use a lot less energy on top of that.

I would have loved this range even more as a stinky teen. Imagine barely having to wash your clothes?! Christ on a bike.

Organic basics t shirt


The fabrics they use are all organic. Can you believe that?! A brand called Organic Basics using organic fabrics for their range? Madness I know but get with the program because they’re doing it.

You pay a slight premium for the increased quality but you’re looking at a cost per wear that makes fast fashion brands blush. Invest in the good stuff and thank yourself later.

The little things

I’m a *bigger picture* kinda guy most of the time but when it comes to investing my dough, I tend to keep my eyes peeled for those little touches.

Whether that be a barista putting a smiley face in your coffee or a pair of shoes with a snazzy lining, I appreciate the touches that people put into their craft.

Organic basics t shirt

Organic Basics products are full of them, one of my favourite touches though, is the lack of label in their products. It’s probably most prominent in their boxers but the tees benefit from it too.

I hate labels in my clothes and always cut those big floppy buggers out eventually, so the fact that Organic Basics have took this little step for me makes my heart swell with pure love and affection – cheers guys.

I’m easily pleased aren’t I…

What I got from them

No I didn’t go for the undies! No semi-nude photoshoots unfortunately folks. I opted for a long sleeve t-shirt from the SilverTech range and a wee tote bag to go with it. I am now ready to become the ultimate organic poser overlord.

Silvertech active top

My big coup was the long sleeve SilverTech active top. This fits well, looks extremely cool and has a load of technology coursing through its fibres to boot.

Organic basics t shirt

I’m going to address the elephant in the room, Silver? Wtf, I thought to myself as I browsed the product description. With silver woven into the cotton, it means the top will last up to a month without washing if you’re a hygienic bloke like myself.

If you’re a stinky ass with BO coming from every orifice, you may want to leave it just a few days. Still pretty good though isn’t it?

Organic basics t shirt

Thank you magic Silver weaving techniques. It all seems futuristic AF but I am here for it.


On a slightly less hi-tech note, I went for the tote. I’m also a poet and I didn’t know it.

This baby is 100% reusable and contains no plastic – ideal. It’s also made out of their trademark organic cotton and is as tough as a trip to the Salty Splatoon.

Organic basics tote

They also make terrible puns much life myself;

“This will totally (get it) hold a good days worth of supplies. Carry the sustainable choice with you every time.”

It’s literally like we were separated at birth.

Organic Basics are redefining the standards we hold our staples to. They hold a mirror up to the fast fashion world and encourage everyone to do that little bit more when it comes to their consuming habits.

We all love a stupid splurge now and again but why not be a bit more conscious the rest of the time?

Go and check them out here. You can also keep up with them on the gram.