A gentleman’s guide to stag dos in the UK

I’m off to my first stag do this year – is this what becoming an adult feels like? Anyway, it became apparent that when it came to stag dos in the UK, stag do venues were kind of hard to come by.

This is obviously because a lot of lot of venues don’t want a gang of rowdy blokes scaring off all their customers, which I suppose is probably fair enough.

The idea of party houses has been bandied about a bit between our group and I must say, the idea is pretty enticing, but more on this later.

Stag dos in the UK

Stag dos in the UK have a bad reputation – and with good reason – we’re awful human beings on stag dos. 6 yards of ale in 60 seconds? No problem. Naked cartwheels down the high street at 3 in the afternoon? Why not!?

That’s all well and good, but maybe the time of out-of-control mindlessness has passed and just maybe, the stags of the modern era are after something a bit more refined.

Of course I may be way of the mark here, but there is definitely a shift towards more ‘activity’ based stag does nowadays. Us blokes want more than 15 hour benders – we want to do things. Stuff like mountain biking, clay pigeon shooting, beer tasting – whatever it may be.

I know that I’m always more game for experiences like that than doing shots of tequila off a dwarfs belly button.

How to change the game

Like I mentioned above, something that’s cropping up all across the UK at the moment is party houses. This combines luxury accomodation and experiences into one, meaning you don’t have to worry about sourcing some dingy hostel and then organising a pub crawl through bars that won’t let such a big group of fellas in.

Why party houses?

Well, because they’re designed precisely for stag dos! From what I can tell, it’s getting pretty popular in the UK now – and with good reason.

If I was organising our stag do, this would be the option I’d punt for. A quick list of the benefits on offer from a party house are;

  • Unique locations.
  • Accessible for everyone in the party.
  • Exciting activities that aren’t doing headstands whilst someone funnels vodka down your throat.
  • Unbelievable prices (you’ll probably all be splitting it as opposed to getting single rooms in a hotel, right?).
  • A guaranteed bloody good time.

Can’t really argue with that can you?

A stag do in the UK needn’t be a hops n barley marathon followed by a sloppy kebab in some derelict back alley. That is definitely an option, but why not take it up a notch and treat yourself to one of the most luxurious holiday experiences about by getting yourself your own place.

Bit of a win win in my eyes.


This post was sponsored but all content was written by myself.