The British Bag Company: The best bags in the UK?

As we all know – ya boi’s a big advocate of well-made things, so when I came across The British Bag Company on one of my many internet scrolling sessions, I couldn’t resist shooting them a message.

The love was well and truly reciprocated, with them sending me a few bits to test out for the benefit of you – my trust readers.

How very selfless of me…

Anyway, shall we dive in?

Who are The British Bag Company?

Firstly, here is what they say about themselves;

“Luggage and accessories ideal for both the Great British countryside and the urban city streets. Inspired by iconic British design, utilising woven cloths and leather globally sourced from the finest mills and tanneries.

The collection is influenced by the rich British heritage from within our company, creating timeless pieces that will suit the diversities of our modern life.

Using unique patterns of Harris Tweed and shades of Bee’s waxed  canvas we complement these ranges with fine full grain leathers creating a comprehensive luggage and accessory collection.”

I’d say they’ve hit the nail on the head there wouldn’t you?

british bag company logo


They’re all about bringing the elegance of the country and the slickness of the city together and they do that better than most. Their designs are timeless, most of them have been around for decades, but The British Bag Co have given them a fresh twist, helping them lead the way in their niche.

Much like me then…

What did I get?

I was treated to some serious goodies as luck would have it. I went for the Lyndon Black Leather Holdall, the Carloway Harris Tweed Leather Washbag and the Brown High Shine Leather Wallet.

british bag company product

This classy little trio have seen me through thick and thin over the past few weeks and have helped me to look damn sexual too. There’s something about having well made goods on your person that makes you feel like you’re just that bit better than everyone on Earth. Since I think this about myself anyway this took it to the next level – Bravo TBBC.


I’ll take you through each product, their merits, their drawbacks and anything else I can think of while I’m at it. I may even add some trivia about my life in their to spice things up.

Note: I’m not going to do that.

The Holdall

By far and away my favourite (and I guess it should be, given the company’s name). The holdall is such an effortlessly cool accessory for gents and the Lyndon stepped it up another notch.

british bag company product

I used it every day either for the gym, travelling into the city, for football – basically everything. It’s surprisingly spacious inside considering the bag itself actually isn’t that big which I like as it makes it handier to carry. Handy. Bags. Was that a pun? Unsure.

I’ll pop some more pics below for you to have a peruse at and make your own mind up but I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that this bag is the cat’s pyjamas.

The Washbag

This was an unexpected hit with me.

A tweed washbag has never been top of my to-buy list but I was surprised at how much I warmed to it once I got it out the box.

british bag company product

It felt solid, well made (as with all the products on the list) and there’s no signs of wear as of yet, not even any cracking in the leather which is unusual.

This is definitely one that will get better over time as well – shout out to the Tweed.

british bag company product

The Wallet

I already own a wallet but it is what you’d call a ‘cardholder’ as opposed to old fashioned opening ones. The British Bag Company have gone somewhat retro here and I’m all for it.

british bag company product

Having the option to flit between two different wallets is a nice little dilemma to have!

It is made to an fantastic standard and the finishing is excellent.

british bag company product


Can’t say fairer than that can you? These guys are making proper British goods and I love it. The quality is unbelievable, the price is fair and they’re offering products you can feasibly keep for life.

The British Bag Company get a big fat thumbs up from me.

If you want to check them out, you can find their site here and their instagram here.