Musclefood meal prep: Do The Unthinkable

*Let me just kick this off by saying a huge thank you to Musclefood for sending me over this Do The Unthinkable hamper. All views are my own though, obviously*

I remember way back, I would fantasise about ordering myself a big Musclefood hamper. When I went to uni I was in full Youtube mode – I’d binge on all the fitness content on there and see all the big guns getting sent boxes of chicken breasts.

Musclefood do the unthinkable food

Fast forward 5 years and here we are, I’ve been sent my very own!

Although, this one comes with a new twist. Do The Unthinkable is Musclefood’s body transformation plan for those looking to make huge changes to their lives.

Musclefood do the unthinkable food

I tested this out for myself to see what the hype was about.

Who are Musclefood?

Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

Musclefood started out as a high protein food online retailer back in 2013. Their main draw was the 25kg boxes of chicken breasts they sold, which was something I’d fantasise about ordering as a 17 year old wannabe bodybuilder, but was always too poor to ever execute…

They then continued expanding their range over the years, now stocking everything from low calorie sauces to their own supplement range and now – The Do The Unthinkable meal prep and exercise service.

Musclefood do the unthinkable food

What is Do The Unthinkable?

Do the Unthinkable was launched in 2018 with the aim of helping people transform their bodies – and lives, forever.

You are kitted out with so much more than just a meal plan.

You get support from a hugely motivated group of likeminded people on the members only Facebook group, interaction with a real personal trainer, a recipe book and workout DVDs all aimed at helping you reach your goals.

There’s loads of different goals you can opt for but I lumped for fat loss as I’m trying to see some form of ab-age before summer rears its sexy head.

What did I order?

I ordered an absolute bucketload of gear so I won’t fill an entire page up with my list. I got 30 meals – 5 days, 6 meals a day (I took the weekend off).

Some of the meals were protein oats, beef ragu, salmon teriyaki and good old protein bars. When the delivery came, the box wasn’t even that big either – they managed to pack everything perfectly like some witchcraft infused game of tetris – crafty swines.

In terms of the 6 meals a day, this is probably ideal for those who are looking to cut fat. The constant eating can make you feel fuller. I usually prefer 4 bigger meals but 6 was a welcome change of pace.

My experience

So basically, you open up the box and it’s like seeing that your mum has bought you an Xbox for Christmas – the excitement is palpable.

There is a big silver foil/mesh/some-other-material bag filled with ice packs and all your prepped meals. On top of that is all the dry goods like your oats, protein bars and CRISPS. Then on top of that is your bumf such as the recipe book, dvd, etc, etc.

Musclefood do the unthinkable food

It’s a well presented package and gets you right into the healthy, organised mindset that is needed to succeed on a diet. I’d call it a ‘clean eating’ diet but this is anything but.

The Do The Unthinkable meal plan had me eating chocolate, crisps, salted nuts and pulled pork – yet I felt great!

Strange eh?


There are loads of positives to the range but there are 3 main ones that I picked up and would like to highlight.

I’m sure ‘Results’ would be one in the long run but I wouldn’t insult your intelligence by proclaiming it to be the best diet of all time after 5 days…


This is the biggest thing with any meal prep/delivery service, but the Do The Unthinkable plan was absolutely fantastic for ease of use.

There were 3 different classes of meal; Microwave (meal is prepped, you just microwave it – believe it or not), prepped (ingredients are prepped, you just throw them all in a pan) and dried (crisps, bars, oats – snacks basically).

All of these were super easy to transport about, make on the go (mostly) and time-saving. It freed up so much time in my day for other things that I needed to get done and I didn’t have to think about meal prep at any point all week.

Musclefood do the unthinkable food


I was expecting everything to taste like raw genitals but Do The Unthinkable came through big time in the culinary stakes.

Their use of sauces and seasonings was spot on and made sure that otherwise bland tasting meals were an absolute treat to throw down the hatch.

Plus, a lot of today’s protein bars and crisps already taste bloody scrumptious anyway so this one was almost a guaranteed win for them.


I loved the structure of the whole plan. You can see what you’ve got for meal 1, 2, 3, etc every day, meaning everything is meticulously laid out for you and you don’t have to think about anything.

The beauty of the plan in my eyes though, is the ability to mix and match meals from each day. So you can have Friday’s meal 3 on Wednesday and so forth, providing you swap meal 3 for meal 3 and not meal 3 for meal 2 – ya dig?

Musclefood do the unthinkable food

This was great for me as sometimes I didn’t fancy a certain meal so swapped in one I was keen on at the4 time and that kept me sane and on track (for the most part).


There’s only really one negative I can pick up on here and that’s hunger. Bear in mind I opted for the fat loss plan, so maybe my weak mentality couldn’t hack the calorie deficit but regardless, here’s my take.


About 2 of the days on this diet I stuck to it perfectly, but on the other 3 I couldn’t help but have a few snacks.

If I’d have spread the meals out correctly, maybe my hunger wouldn’t have been so bad but straight after one meal, I’d still be hungry for another – so I’d have another…

In my opinion, if there was more calories in each of the two cooked meals then maybe there wouldn’t be as much hunger but as it stands, they were only about 300-400 calories each. I’m used to eating 700-1,200 calorie meals so it was a bit of a culture shock for me!

Again though, a lot of people are used to smaller meals so this might work well for them. It did for me, to an extent, but maybe 8 meals would have been better suited considering the calorie content of each meal.

‘Meal’ is a loose term here. One meal could be counted as one of the Do The Unthinkable cooked meals like a beef ragu or it could be a 93 calorie bag of mountain chips – see what I mean?


All in all, I really can’t fault Musclefood’s Do The Unthinkable service – it really was top banana.

Of course I’d like to see what a muscle building diet would be like as it may have satiated by horrendously glutinous appetite a bit more but that’s probably more of a user issue.

If you want my honest opinion, this is definitely worth a punt. They promise huge results in 90 days (hence, unthinkable…) and I can see why. With precision meal plans and macros all calculated for you, it’d be hard not to succeed.

I only did a week so I can’t give a definitive answer but I enjoyed it and that’s half the battle isn’t it?

If you want to keep up with the Do The Unthinkable team you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and if you’d like to get involved with one of their custom meal plans, you can do that here.