Are the Jabra Elite Sport earbuds the best money can buy?

Let me just start of by saying a big thank you to Jabra for sending me over a pair of their Jabra Elite Sport earphones.

As much as I appreciate it though, I must still give an honest overview of my experience, so without further ado, let’s have it.

Who are Jabra?

Jabra are audio equipment specialists. Founded in 1983 and based out of Denmark, these guys know sound inside out.

Since they’re now part of the GN group – a company with over 150 years of experience in the sound industry – they are able to bring revolutionary tech to the market quicker and more efficiently than basically any other company out there.

I had no idea until looking into this but Jabra are major pioneers.

jabra elite sport wireless earbuds

They are responsible for So many of the world’s firsts, such as the world’s first Bluetooth headset, ultra-noise cancelling microphone and now, the world’s first sports headphones with an inbuilt heart rate monitor.

There’s some bloody voodoo going on in their labs let me tell ya!

The true wireless range

So what’s the difference between your bog standard wireless and true wireless? Is it just the word ‘true’?

As it happens, no.

Basically, true wireless means that there are no wires present at all.

A lot of earphones, especially sports earphones, tend to be connected to each other by a wire that goes round the back of your neck.

True wireless gets rid of this.

jabra elite sport wireless earbuds

It may be more difficult for earphones to stay in properly when this wire is removed but the Jabra gang have come up trumps and neutralised this problem nicely.

Jabra offer a decent selection of true wireless earbuds. They’ve got the Elite 65t, the Elite Active 65t and the Elite Sport along with the Evolve 65t which is made for business professionals.

I got the Elite sport which is perfect for my needs – listening to music and getting sweaty, which leads us nicely onto our next point.

The Jabra Elite Sport

The Jabra Elite Sport earbuds have been described as “air pods for those who sweat” and I’d find it hard to disagree to be honest.

They’re packed with a whole load of features that are not only great for standard listening, but also help the buds to excel in a sporting environment – hence the name.

They have up to 13.5 hours of battery life (including the charging case that fits in your pocket), heart rate monitor, Vo2 max monitor (wtf), base enriched speakers, noise cancellation, hear through technology (if you want, you can allow the buds to let in passive noise so you are aware of what’s going on around you), 3 different sizes of wings and ear gels for the perfect fit, sweat resistance, water resistance and performance tracking.

Jabra’s claims of the Elite sport being the the most technically advanced earbuds on the market are pretty well backed up I’d say…

What I liked

I’ll fess up now, I liked basically every feature on offer from the Jabra Elite Sport earbuds – these puppies are peerless.

Here’s a few that I have picked out for special praise though.

Sound quality

The quality of the sound on these babies is on another level. The GN corporation who Jabra is owned by are industry leaders in sound innovation.

Along with Jabra’s knack for producing unbelievable headsets, this was always going to be pretty much guaranteed, but they delivered with aplomb.

jabra elite sport wireless earbuds

The sound is just as good when chilling out as it is when doing deadlifts or running at speeds.

Obviously the sound isn’t going to be on par with the top over-ear headphones as that’s just not possible, but they definitely still exceeded expectations.


I’m a sucker for good design, and the Elite Sport has it in spades. It is chock-a-block with amazing features, but one of the one that stands out most is just how great it looks.

In-ear, it looks sleek, the buttons are easy to use and the fact that the sizing is customisable with the use of the rubber-accessory-thingies is a winner.

Top design Jabra, top design.

Heart rate monitor

This was probably my favourite feature. I’ve always fancied tracking my heart rate but never wanted to wear one of those garish armband monstrosities.

The heart rate tracking function of the Elite Sports was a breath of fresh air. That, along with the Vo2 monitor made me feel like an actual athlete – even though I’m the furthest thing from it.

jabra elite sport wireless earbuds

It was great to see my heart rate throughout the day and it was even better to see where I was making progress. I use these and my Fitbit now religiously to get my health in numbers.

The whole thing really gamifies the fitness process and makes it much less of a slog.

Charging case

Big fan of the charging case fellas.

It just feels quality and the fact that it can just slide in your pocket is fantastic.

Putting the buds into the case switches them off automatically and taking them out wakes them up. It also keeps it charged for up to 13.5 hours which is absolutely ideal for having them in all day!

Absolute winner winner chicken dinner.

What I disliked

Nothing really. There are a few points of contention that may peeve off a few peeps though so I must bring them up.


Something that may irk a few people is the size of the buds.

They’re not super large as you can see from all my pictures, but they are a bit bigger than you standard AirPod or something similar.

jabra elite sport wireless earbuds

Personally, I like it. Some may not.

It all comes down to personal preference but I’d definitely recommend making sure you’re happy with the size before you make the investment.


Again, this may be something some people object to, but it’s a bit daft to get up in arms about the price tag of these.

They retail at £199.99.

AirPods retail at £159.99.

There is £40 difference between the Jabra Elite Sport and the Apple AirPod.

Which one looks cooler? Which one is designed to last more than 2 years? Which one is rammed with genuinely useful features that may actually enhance your life?

jabra elite sport wireless earbuds

The answer to all of those is obviously the Elite Sport. It’s an investment, so use your noggin and look at the bigger picture.

An AirPod is a status symbol and a fashion accessory. They’re good, don’t get me wrong, but the difference here is night and day.

To recap, the Jabra Elite Sport TRUE wireless (none of that normal wireless nonsense round here thank you) are the most technically advanced wireless earphones available on the market right now.

In my humble opinion, they’re also the very best option out of the vast swaths of models on offer.

They’re not just a fashion statement, they have some unbelievable features, they actually look rather lovely and up to now, they seem reliable, robust and r…fantastic (I wish I could think of another superlative beginning with R).

If you want to pick a pair of these bad boys up you can find them here, if you’d like to see them in action first, you can see a video of them here and finally, if you’d like to keep up with Jabra on social media, you can find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.