Chrome Industries: An adventurer’s best friend

Chrome Industries are absolutely killing it at the moment.

I have to say a big thank you to them first off for sending over what you’re about to see in this article and I would also like to say that all opinions are my own – obvs.

Anyway, let me explain why these guys are the top dawgs of the adventure scene.

Who are Chrome Industries?

Starting out in 1995, Chrome Industries had a mission in mind – to make simple, useful and resourceful gear that was virtually indestructible.

Thanks to their innovation and sheer boldness, they succeeded.

Chrome industries macheto travel pack

Over two decades after crafting their first bag from army truck tarpaulin and more than a fair share of winging it, they are at the very top of the game.

Initially, their bags were – and still are to a large extent – aimed at cyclists in the city who need robust gear to fit their manic lifestyles.

This commitment to bombproof goods is perfect for the adventurers amongst us though, which is the real potential I saw when I first come across these guys.

Why are they an adventurer’s best friend?

I’m a bloke who loves a bit of adventure. Sometimes, I’ll even drink my tea without the milk…

It wasn’t always like this though. As a kid, I used to hate anything resembling physical activity unless it was a game of football.

All that changed in a few years ago though, when I realised that adventure and simply being active and outdoors-ish, was the way to stay young and happy for as long as possible.

Chrome industries union 2.0 short

If we coop ourselves up indoors all day, it’s likely that we’re going to end up sad, depressed and unfit as anything. That’s what I saw myself getting like during my 3-cans-of-relentless-fuelled-FIFA-and-Call-of-Duty-14-hour-marathon-sessions.

Fast forward to the present day and I’m bang into my hiking, travelling, the gym, et al – I’ve even got a ruddy fitness book out!

So I’ve been on the look out for some equipment that will stand the test of time and support my quest for THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE LIFESTYLE.

And Chrome Industries fit the bill. They build virtually indestructible products, they are purpose built for active lifestyles and they are useful in countless ways – I’d say that makes them an adventurer’s best friend, wouldn’t you?

My picks

I got to pick a couple of bits from the Chrome Industries range, so I went for the two things that I could envision myself needing both over then summer and in the long run.

Since I love a bit of travelling and a good hike, I thought I’d go for their travel backpack and a pair of sports shorts.


So, the bag.

Chrome industries macheto travel pack

I opted for the Macheto travel pack which is their only travel-specific backpack to my knowledge.

It comes with so many features the mind boggles. In fact, if you were to give an 8 year old a pencil and tell them to think of all the things they would put in a backpack, this would be it – except for the jet pack and rocket launchers.

Chrome industries macheto travel pack

Honestly, there isn’t a feature it doesn’t have. There is a laptop sleeve, lots of hidden pockets to optimise space, mesh lining on one side to filter dirty laundry stank and even shoulder straps that hide away so you can carry it like a duffle bag.


I went for the Union Short 2.0 and these were great too, with a nice slim fit and great usability.

Chrome industries union 2.0 short

They describe these sorts as ‘form meets function’ and I’d be inclined to agree!

Chrome industries union 2.0 short

Added to the back is a zip-secured pocket, then there’s a little reflective tag that only shows when you’re on a bike (somehow?) and a load of other stuff – not to mention they’re water resistant which is ideal for anyone who likes to get rough and ready outdoors.

The Good

There were several lovely points about both of these individually, but I’ve picked ones a few that apply to both because I’m lazy.

Loads of storage

Both of these are absolutely packed to the brim with storage solutions.

That sounds so boring doesn’t it?

Well it’s not! Okay!? It means that whenever I’m out and about, I don’t have to worry about taking a load of different bags with me to transport my food, clothes, work stuff, etc.

Chrome industries macheto travel pack

It also means that I can keep stuff I need quick access to in my short pockets securely or in the specialist quick access compartments of the bag.

Not boring at all if you ask me…


Both of these items look absolutely brilliant. If you can sort of get past the fact that you look a bit like a kid on their first day of high school with their massive backpack, then the bag looks ace.

It has a utility-chic vibe going on if there was ever a thing and the shorts look great when they’re rolled up to reveal my lovely milk bottle legs.

Chrome industries union 2.0 short

They really have merged form and function to create an aesthetic completely unique to the Chrome Industries brand.


The bag is $200 and the shorts are $100. Who knows what that is in the Queen’s Sterling? I certainly don’t.

Chrome industries macheto travel pack

You may think that is a bit on the steep side – and you’d be right.


These things are indestructible – that means you’re going to be using them until you either die, pass them on to someone else or – you know – burn them or something. I’d wager the cost per wear for these items is going to be lower than anything else you’ve ever owned and ever will own.

Therefore the price is firmly in The Good.

The Bad

There were only a couple of things I didn’t like about my picks, both being related to the shorts.

They’re not exactly deal breakers but what sort of grim gentleman would I be if I didn’t mention them ey?

Bit long

The shorts were a little bit long for my liking, ngl. Maybe it’s because I’ve got short limbs but they went quite a way past my knee which isn’t my style.

To combat this I just rolled ‘em up – no biggie, but it might be for some of you out there…

Bit tight

And second of all, they were a bit tight in the crotch area. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a big – never mind…

But yeah, they were a little bit snug around the waist too. They are built for cyclists though in fairness, which I definitely am not, so maybe that has something to do with it?

And that was the end of that!

Overall, I’m really pleased with these two, with the bag being my personal favourite – this will see me right for years to come.

Chrome Industries are the dog’s danglies and I can’t stress just how good their gear is. They’ve got loads more stuff on their site which is great for all sorts of activities like cycling, skateboarding, hiking – whatever it is they’ve got you covered.

You can also keep up with ’em on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.