Are Balance Box meal prep deliveries worth it?

If you haven’t heard of Balance Box, I assume you’ve been living under a rock a la Patrick Starfish.

It doesn’t matter though because I shall be your shining light, your beacon of hope and your guiding star on this journey through the trials and tribulations of the meal prep world.

Let’s get into it.

What is Balance Box?

Balance box is a meal prep delivery service.

They make ruddy scrumptious meals that are designed to aid weight loss – something I’ve been striving for as I have become quite the sweet sugar dumpling over winter…

Balance box meal prep delivery

They do all sorts of meal types too, ranging from pescatarian, free from and veggie to high protein and fat loss – it’s a great selection.

What I got

I was gifted a 4 day supply of meals by balance box. It came smartly packaged, all prepped and marked out for what I needed to eat on which day.

Balance box meal prep delivery

It even came with a little menu so I knew exactly what went into every meal, when to have it and the benefits of the ingredients.

Lovely stuff.

The Good

A lot of positives in this one.


The balance box really excelled in this department.

I reviewed another meal prep delivery service a while back which – although it worked very well – used a lot of meal replacement bars and all sorts of healthy junk food.

The balance box meals were exactly that – meals. And they tasted absolutely brilliant.

I genuinely found myself going ‘aawwhhh yeah boss this!!’ Multiple times. Now to be fair, I am one to usually get really into my grub but this took it to another level.

Hats off to the chefs.

Balance box meal prep delivery


I was a busy bee during the time I was testing out the balance box, so it was absolutely perfect having their meals with me as I went about my day to day biz.

Balance box meal prep delivery

The fact that all their meals are cooked already is ideal if you just want to crack the pot open and get to work.

They also have dried snacks and fruit which is perfect to tide you over until you can get yourself to a microwave.

I’m all about ease-of-use and this couldn’t get any easier.


The way the whole thing was packaged and presented was very smart.

From the moment I opened the box I knew it was going to be a winner. The little menu that tells you all about the dish is a great little touch too.

Balance box meal prep delivery

It felt like I was being kept in the loop and wasn’t just being force fed random stuff I didn’t know anything about – great addition.

Simple ingredients

Simplicity really is key isn’t it?

All the ingredients were natural and simple – I don’t think there was a meal that contained more than 15 ingredients, even including dressings and spices.

This meant that my head wasn’t blown off by a huge list of additives that you may sometimes get with other pre-packaged meals.

Balance box meal prep delivery

It was clear what was in there and why, which put my mind at ease and dare I say – made me enjoy the meal more.

High protein

Their meals were created (on this diet at least), with muscle in mind.

They were packed with protein sources like hazelnut butter, lamb, chickpeas and feta cheese.

It was the perfect accompaniment to my workouts and kept me full (throughout the day at least – more on this later).

The Bad

There are a few here, but I’d consider them more guidance points for balance box themselves.

You can live with ‘em but if they’d just tweak these they’d be unstoppable.

4 days

I think I get it – 7 day delivery might mean that food isn’t as fresh, but why can’t you get a 7 day package simply delivered twice a week?

There is a 3 day option as well so you could in theory get your week’s worth but that’s just a hassle and creates more stress than it cures.

A meal prep delivery service should do a week’s worth of meals in my opinion. Nobody gets their 4 day shop in do they?

Simple fix guys.

Balance box meal prep delivery

More calories

If I’m being blunt, 1,800 isn’t enough to sustain an active male of any age. I was binging a bit at night because there wasn’t enough calories to keep me full all day.

If they were to add an extra meal or 2 they’d be onto a winner.

It’s something I see with a lot meal prep services though – they never seem to give enough calories for the day. Is there a law against going over 2,000 calories because I am yet to see one that does?!

Balance box meal prep delivery

I mean, you could just cook yourself a meal but then that defeats the object of paying to have everything done for you…

Single use plastic

Ooo that scary buzzword!

I’ve been harping on about plastic since day dot on this blog and I really do dislike it.

It would be amazing if balance box did a service whereby you could send them your containers for the week and they would prep the meals into them for you.

Unsure of the logistics of that but it could definitely be one for the future.

Balance box meal prep delivery

Overall, I was really impressed with what balance box are doing though, despite a few minor critiques.

Definitely the best meal prep service I’ve seen so far in terms of taste, freshness and health combined.

Hats off to ‘em.

If you’d like to get your own Balance Box then you can order one here. If you’d like to keep up with the guys on social media you can find them over on Instagram.