Make plant based meals great again

Plant based meals sometimes get a bit of a bad rap amongst the meat eating masses.

But those that aren’t completely blind can see that meat gets it flavour predominantly from seasonings – stuff like chopped tomatoes, paprika, chilli, etc.

Sometimes the only good reason for including meat in a dish is due to texture, but plant based alternatives have stepped up and given us natural alternatives that taste fantastic and offer brilliant texture.

That is why I’ve teamed up with the lovely plant based ladies and gents at Gosh! who sorted me out with some of their range to pimp up blueprint style.

Why are plant based meals so boring?

Well, they’re not really.

Gosh plant based food

They’re just perceived to be boring because people imagine a plant based diet to be all broccoli and carrots.

Well it isn’t god damn it!!!

Although if you wanted it to be, you could still make broccoli and carrots taste pretty decent.

Just saying.

Anyway, the notion that plant based diets are boring is perpetuated by uncreative, closed minded individuals who just don’t want to open their eyes to the endless possibilities that plants present us with.

Adopting a more plant based way of living gives your taste buds a reset. They’re no longer being bombarded with refined sugar, refined salt (aka rat poison), dairy and meat that are both filled with all manner of stuff just to make them look and taste a certain way.

You become more attune to the actual taste of things and you can get more pleasure from your meals.

It’s also an amazing learning experience to find and try out new plant based meals. Your horizons are broadened beyond what you ever thought existed and you’ll never want to go back to your bog standard TV dinner again – trust me.

What can we do to sex them up?

Gosh! have Only gone and done it. They have provided the goods when it comes to sexing the plant based game up.

A lot of the time, veggie burgers are absolutely loaded with other stuff like salt, emulsifiers and all manner of things, meaning they’re not all that healthy at the end of the day.

Gosh! gear contains 100% plants. I will stick my neck out on the line and say I believe they’re the only people – in the UK at least – doing this.

Gosh plant based food

Chickpeas, kidney beans, tofu – they’re all great main ingredients for a plant based meal, but sometimes you want to live a little bit more – sometimes you need a bit of va va voom in your dish.

Now we can look at stuff like exotic veggie burgers, falafel and sweet potato pakora.

That’s where the sexing up occurs.

A recipe idea

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Now, I’m no chef – and presentation is so far from my best quality you can barely see it – BUT, my grub tastes good and is healthy.

So as long as you’re not cooking this at a Michelin star restaurant, I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

Shall we?

Gosh plant based food

I like to keep things simple, which is why there are barely any ingredients here.

They may be few but they are mighty.

– 2 Gosh! beetroot burgers

– 150g mushrooms (button, portobello, whatever you want)

– Spices (I went for paprika, herbs of Provence and chilli)

– Water (to fry everything in)

– 2 dollops of hummus

Basically all you need to do is fry the burgers and the mushrooms together with some water and the spices for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Once that’s done pop them on a plate and top with hummus.

It’s literally that easy.

This tastes unbelievable if I do say so myself. There’s also a hefty serving of protein, carbs and healthy fats whilst getting 2-3 of your 5-a-day.

God I’m good.

Switch it up

If you want to switch things up and completely change the texture (and taste – obviously) of the dish, then you can swap out the Gosh! beetroot burger for their falafels – which I must admit, I preferred.

Gosh plant based food

Same as before but you can mix the ingredients up a bit more into more of a mush if you’re like me and eat your food like a big baby.


A huge thanks to Gosh! for making this article possible, they’ve even opened my eyes to the fact that there are amazing plant based products out there made my big companies that contain no preservatives or nasties – these guys are 100% natural and that sits rather well with me.

So yeah – nice one.

Two ridiculously easy recipe for you to indulge in there people.

Feel free to load it with more veggies if you want but I like to keep things simple (wonder how many times I can tell you that?), hence just ‘shrooms.

If you’d like an 11,000 word guide to a plant based lifestyle to get your teeth stuck into, head over to my article on the subject. There, you’ll find loads of plant based meals to ponder – I promise.

And don’t forget, you can find out more about the team at Gosh! on their site and keep up with them over on Instagram.