Be your own James Bond: 5 style tips you need to know

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, there have been seven film versions of James Bond. While each actor has brought something unique to the role, one thing has been consistent in all of them – they’ve all been dead stylish.

Though I’ve honed in on Daniel Craig, this article lists some tips that will allow you to mimic 007’s undeniable style and be your own James Bond.


Confidence is crucial

Before you even think about what you’re going to wear, how it should fit, and how to accessorise, there’s one thing you need to know about James Bond — his style begins on the inside, and it comes from his confidence.

How do you act with confidence? I could give you empty platitudes about you need to wear the clothes and not let them wear you, but we’re both better than that.

Instead, I recommend you watch the video below. In it, Don Draper, another style icon, gives you tips on how to be confident in any situation:


Don’t avoid the gym

You either love or loathe the gym, and if you want to be like James Bond you need to really love it. Why? Because, while Bond hasn’t always been as well-toned as he has been in his main noughties incarnation, Daniel Craig has raised the benchmark.

So, if you want to ape the style of 007 you’ll need to hit the gym, start bench-pressing, and work on your core. If you’re not sure how to get started, don’t worry, Men’s Health has kindly outlined Daniel Craig’s James Bond muscle-building workout plan.

Ostentation and showing off is a no-no

I said earlier that confidence is the most important style asset that James Bond has, and part of that is knowing you don’t have to try and stand out. This means that being ostentatious is a big no-no, both for your clothes and your style of interaction when speaking to people. It’s all about the understated cool here.

There are some simple tips that will keep you from looking like you’re trying too hard:

  • Don’t try to stand out
  • Colour palette

And if you want to copy one of James Bond’s most famous traits, his love of hitting the casino and placing a bet, don’t flash your cash in front of your fellow gamblers – not only will you look like an idiot, you may also be giving a most un-Bond-like kicking for your troubles.

Suits are baller

If you’re like me, you were forced to wear a suit-style-uniform during your high school years. This gives you a bad view about suits – they’re starchy, conformist, and achingly uncool – all these things are wrong. Suits are top banana and that’s why you’ll see James Bond wearing one so often.

Picture the famous gambling scenes in Casino Royale. The main man is kitted out in a deliciously cut suit that oozes style – his nemesis, Le Chiffre, looks the part too. While there’s no perfect suit, my personal view is to keep it simple and go for a matching black blazer and trousers, then decide whether you want a white or black shirt.

Embrace the classics

The first James Bond film was released way back in 1962, means James is now in his seventh generation. That’s a lot of shifts in style and technology, but while Bond has kept up with the times he hasn’t lost touch with his roots – he doesn’t discard the classics, he tweaks them.

Now, you might not be able to afford an Aston Martin (let alone an Aston Martin DBS V12), but there is always a way that you can be like James within your own budget. Look through the product placement used in every James Bond film made and you’ll spot some stylish, classic brands that you can buy without breaking the bank.

James Bond is a style icon and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. While trying to be his doppelgänger won’t win you any style points (no-one likes a copycat), taking inspiration from the things that make him so stylish will allow you own the Bond look in your own way.

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